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Post by Rasq'uire'laskar on Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:46 pm

LeafyOwNu2 wrote:Well when you think about it. All religions say they are the only way to get into heaven. So how can they all be right saying all the others are wrong?
A question Mark Twain and Brian Herbert himself brought up, only to arrive at the wrong conclusion.
Only one religion is 'right'. Sure, all religions (scratch that, MOST religions) share some basic tenets and morals that are "right". Do not murder, do not lie, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

However, the teachings of different religions about the ultimate goal of life, the ultimate destination, vary from religion to religion. And so, logically, only one can be right. It's up to you to determine which is right and which is wrong.

LeafyOwNu2 wrote:It brings me back to my first point. Religion is about faith in believing in something you cant see of control. Everyone has their own and every religion appeals to different people. Not everyone is going to want to be christian and not everyone is going to want to be a Mormon.
Well, why do you want to be Mormon or Christian?
Do you want to do what is 'right', do you want to avoid Hell, or do you want something to tell you what you want to hear?
For that last answer, I recommend Scientology.

Rotaretilbo wrote:
LeafyOwNu2 wrote:Enter Koran, Enter Ladder Day Saints, Enter all the Scientology books.
Ironically, the Bible just so happens to predate all of those books, and of the three religions you named, two actually are supposed to be branches from the Bible, and the third was intended to be a work of fiction, but the writer thought it was so crazy that it must be real.
Correction: The writer realized that he was sitting on a pile of money if he could market it just right...
And then got killed by the monster he made.

Gauz wrote:Whatever
I'm proud of you, Gauz.
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