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Post by JumpingJet on Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:10 pm


Have you ever wondered what things would be like if you could go back and change one small seemingly insignificant thing in your life?

Ever thought back and believed that maybe if you had pulled that trigger for one more round, just one more round, she would still be here?

They always say one bullet can save thousands of lives, but no bullets can save a civilisation.

Ever thought what is would be like, to have no war? Peace everlasting? A Utopia? Was it possible? Is it possible still? Even now to have her back, when the next knock at your door could be a bullet to the head? Instant death!

He wanted peace, he loathed peace, envied it. For war had taken her, the one thing that kept him strong.

Even he, the most hardened, strengthened veteran was reduced to rubble in a whirlpool of emotion, guilt and sorrow.

She was one of the first to go, then everyone else. Slowly, at first, one by one no body noticed. They were their victims, they killed us, the reduced us to this rubble.

They call us the survivors, true enough if the definition to survive is to live in hell.

Now, we hide and run! For the next breath could be our last.

My name is Tom, and this? This is our fight!

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