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Post by Vel on Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:35 pm

To address concerns about HHF, no, we do not mind he's doing this, he's not using anything that's ours. We agreed when we parted ways that his concepts were his own and we weren't using them as per his wishes.

And don't worry RL, no one's going to be kicking us off the team and bringing you back, especially not NT, who is not even on the team and has no buisness making up legal claims when as you said, nothing was signed and we never had any agreement that all work done under BLS belonged to BLS regardless of the artist's wishes. We would accept reasonable out-side help, but i've already told you about why your models aren't what we want. We have no problems with designs (The earlier ones) or other help if you wish to make an offer or vice versa, in no way are we against out-side resources, but the polygon count issue of your models is something we can't come to terms with.

On a lighter note, i thank you for going in another direction with your mod rather than being a bitch about things, and i offer a few (serious) names:

Halo - Defence of reach
Halo - Last stand
Halo - Engagement


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Post by A_Bearded_Swede on Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:15 pm

Baconsen wrote:Halo: Fist of Cole?
Halo: The Black Hole Campaign?

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