Paintball vs. Airsoft

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Airsoft or Paintball

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Paintball vs. Airsoft - Page 2 Empty Re: Paintball vs. Airsoft

Post by squirrelboy on Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:07 pm

as a player of both, i will give you a strait up non bull shit answer:

Airsoft - all about mill sim. The guns are more realistic, the action is more realistic, you cant get nearly as close to Mill sim with paintball as you can to airsoft. Sure, there are some PB guns that look realistic, but not nearly as good as airsoft ones do with the exception of a very few number of markers. Also, its much eassier to cheat in airsoft then it is in paintball. Im not saying cheating dosnt happen in paintball, it does a lot, but its much eassier to do and get away with in airsoft

paintball - its own sport all together in my opinion. A real paintball player plays on the air/speed/hyperball field, not in the woods. And if your going to tell me that 90% paintball is meant to be realistic anymore, go jump off a bridge, because your retarded. i enjoy paintball because it is way more fun, a lot faster paced, and way more of a rush.

airsoft done right:

paintball done right:

as you can see, not to be directly compared

another thing to look at is the price and fields. Paintball is about a dozen times more expensive to play. This is why if your playing paintball for the woodsball and mil-sim aspect, you should be playing airsoft anyway. Theres not point in spending hundreds of dollars for a paintball game when you could achieve that same thing in airsoft for far cheaper.

as far as fields go, i have about 12 paintball fields within 50 miles of my house, and only one airsoft field. If you play airsoft, chances are your going to wind up playing with no more then 4 of your friends in an abandon lot, as opposed to paintball where you'll have a field with anywhere from 50 - 200 people at it.

hope this helped

edit: damn, after taking all the time to post that, i realise that 1. No one was asking which was better, and 2. i killed the entire section

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Paintball vs. Airsoft - Page 2 Empty Re: Paintball vs. Airsoft

Post by Indecisive One. on Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:03 pm

Ive never played paintball but airsoft is a lot of fun with a lot of people.
Indecisive One.
Indecisive One.

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