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Post by RX on Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:24 am

Well, I'm a member over at their site and got an e-mail which told me about Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising missions that are attainable through doing a test over the internet. The link is at the bottom of this post.

The two missions are following:

Encampment: OFP:DR - Unlockable Missions Nwsl_ofpdr_6_10

Control a Spec Ops team, and ambush a People’s Liberation Army campsite in the dead of night.

Set in a heavily forested area, move cautiously between tree cover, with the enemy fanning out and trying to flank at every opportunity. The mission will culminate in a fierce and atmospheric firefight, mixing long-range shooting and close quarters combat in and around the camp.

Debris Field: OFP:DR - Unlockable Missions Nwsl_ofpdr_6_13

Set amongst the wreckage of an earlier vehicle engagement you must lead your fireteam through burnt-out tanks and APCs to engage superior numbers of PLA forces assaulting a strategically important position.

Mobility, cover, and the appropriate use of fully automatic weapons and grenades to suppress the enemy will be the tools to achieve success.

Well. Those are the two missions. You unlock them by scoring a high average on the tests. The tests require sound. To unlock Encampment you need 70%-85% and for Debris Field you need 85%+
The codes you get are to be typed in at the 'Bonus Codes' menu in the game itself.

And here is the link to the test: http://recruit.flashpointgame.com/en/game.php

Have fun.

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