erm.. forum game thingy... sorry bout last one

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erm.. forum game thingy... sorry bout last one Empty erm.. forum game thingy... sorry bout last one

Post by Kasrkin Seath on Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:03 pm

Sorry about the DOOM thing... All the stuff for it got deleted. Instead, Ill try this once I get either my Oblivion or Morrowing TES:CS disc/s.

its gonna be a cross between economic management, political management, war, etc. If I ever get the discs you will see what I mean

Population - Although specifics will be given on people, there are only a few things you need to know about them: How much production output, how much food they eat and any other specific use.

Production Output - How much work a specific individual can get done in a month. In low population areas, this is managed normally on an indidual basis. In more largely populated areas, this is managed by mass with specific indivduals singled out to be put to special tasks.

Food Consumption - How much food a specific individual eats. The total amount needed is taken and must be met. If it is not, popularity will fall and depending ont eh situation, people will either leave or starve to death. Food is normally traded for or grown.

Special Abilities - Certain individuals have qualities that make them good for a specific use. Some are bonuses to certain jobs, such as +1 to Production or food. Some have bonuses such as being a religious leader. Others have combat and military skills.

Lastly, there are secret abilities that cannot be easily discovered, such as cult relations or undesireable traits.

Building Types

Buildings are good. You want there to be buildings if you are running a town of some sort(which I assume you are...). Buildings serve specific purposes which are stated in the descriptions. It takes time for buildings to be built, and resources to build them with. The resources needed are stated, and the build time is as well. Build time is in weeks(standard time units). For a building that took 4 to build, 1 worker would complete it in 4 weeks, 2 in 2 weeks, 4 in 1 weeks. You get it. Ill keep the list short for now, many buildings will not be buildable until later.

Shack: A shack can house up to 4 people. The shack is undesirable, and many will want better housing, but it beats a bunk house for sure.
Cost: 5 Wood
Build Time: 6

Bunk House: A Bunk house is the cheapest and most effective way to house people. However, it offers a very poor quality of living and should only be used as a fallback shelter in case of a disaster or as a temporary housing for workers.
It can house up to 20 people.
Cost: 12 Wood
Build Time: 9

Hovel: Hovels are a very common type of house in the wilderness. Often build with field stones, wood and a thatch roof, they are far more comfortable than shacks yet still easy to construct and maintain. Like a shack, they house up to 4.
Cost: 8 Wood, 200 Gold
Build Time: 7

Inn: An Inn is a place where travelers can stay. Any town or village along a road will be better off with one than without, as it will bring income as travelers stop to rest.
Cost: 16 Wood, 300 Gold, 2 workers
Build Time: 12
Tavern Upgrade: 5 Wood, 100 Gold, 1 worker

Tavern: A Tavern is a place to stop for a drink and quick rest. It is common for most towns to have at least one tavern as they draw income directly from residents and travelers.
Cost: 16 Wood, 300 Gold, 2 workers
Build Time: 12
Inn Upgrade: 5 Wood, 100 Gold, 1 Worker

Stable: A Stable is where animals are held. A single Stable can hold up to 3 horses, and up to 5 smaller animals.
Cost: 10 Wood, 100 Gold, 1 worker
Build Time: 6

Marketplace: The Marketplace serves as a center of commerce, where local merchants and travelling ones can set up vending booths. While active, it both improves quality of life in the town, raises popularity and generates income.
Cost: 15 Wood, 100 Gold
Build Time: 10

Chapel: A religious center, which when operational will boost popularity and loyalty.
Cost: 5 Wood, !0 Stone, 200 Gold, 1 Worker(must have priest)
Build Time: 20

Garden: A small garden that supplies enough food for the associated house.
Cost: 3 Wood,
Build Time: 1

Small Farm Plot: A small plot of crops that generates 10 food.
Cost: 6 Wood, 1 worker
Build Time: 2

Medium Farm Plot: A Medium sized plot that Generates 15 Food.
Cost: 10 Wood, 1 Worker.
Build TimeL 2

erm.. forum game thingy... sorry bout last one Kasrki10
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