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Post by A_Bearded_Swede on Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:06 pm

Private Lewis


“War, It makes me sick. Death everywhere…For what? More land? Freedom?”

The unit walked through the tall trees and underbrush of the pinelands in New Jersey. It was a training mission. Pure and simple, find the ball and bring it home. No lethal weapons of course we all wielded paintball guns. This was supposedly an “easy mission”. Last time Sarge said that, we were getting shot by artillery.

The unit continued creeping through the woods, looking for any signs human activity. We all stopped by a creek to take a break. I went up to my squad. They were all sitting on a group of rocks that were near the tree line. In order of rank they were, Mary, squad commander, Frankie, demolitions expert, and Larry, sniper. I myself was the support gunner and radioman. I sat down next to Frankie. Frankie and I go way back, every since we met in boot camp we have been friends. I always joked around with him calling him the “new MacGyver” since he can almost get out of any situation by making the craziest things using some little things.

All of a sudden the underbrush from the other side of the creek started rustling. Then a scorpion broke through the wall of green, crushing a tree beneath its treads. Its turret turned towards us and fired.

“My name is Private Richard Lewis and this is my story.”

Chapter 1

Ben took a sip of his coffee and looked around his small dusty room. It wasn’t much, just a little shack in the middle of the Pinelands. He was tired, he had been up for over 32 hours now watching the trainees go through their mission via a STARS, or the Stealth Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance Satellite. A STARS was basically a small satellite about the size of a baseball. It is used for reconnaissance and communications. Ben put his coffee mug back down on his wooden desk and went back to work.
Ben rubbed his eyes, trying to see better through the little view screen in the room. He watched as the trainees went through the forest. “Just like wolves,” Ben thought to himself. After awhile the group arrived at a small creek and rested there. Ben started a stop watch. “Three minutes,” he said to himself, “then you’ve got to move out.” As Ben stared at the screen he occasionally glanced at the ticking stop watch. “One minute left,” he whispered. Just then the trainees’ body language went from relaxed, to alert. He saw one of the men point towards the tree line. Ben maneuvered the STARS’ camera to the direction the trainee was pointing. Ben straightened his back and leaned forward in his chair as he tried to see what the problem was. Then the trees started to shake as if a giant animal was walking though. The trees that lined the river fell down, revealing an old scorpion tank.

Ben fumbled with the phone. A scorpion tank was not on the list of problems the trainees would be facing, something was wrong. He quickly dialed the numbers to reach the sergeant. Ben started to get nervous as “what ifs” started popping in his head. “What if one of the trainees gets injured, or worse?” But what really nagged him was the question he feared to be true. “What if that tank wasn’t ours?”

After the phone rang a few times someone answered. “Sergeant Patterson speaking.”

“Sir,” replied Ben, “we have a problem.”

“What’s wrong?”

“A tank is attacking the trainees and it’s not scheduled to do so.”

The phone line disconnected.

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Post by mcz on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:37 pm

I don't know man, paintball guns ? Today's military is using lasers in conjunction with blanks, don't tell me they decided to revert to old tech in the future Very Happy

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