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Post by PiEdude on Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:04 pm

I made myself a cheat sheet for my Star Wars fanfiction because I've been listening to the Thrawn trilogy, and I'm a massive nerd. I basically rationalize the soft sci-fi/medium fantasy of Star Wars with explanations for the technology and letting the Force do whatever it wants and telling midichlorians to go fuck themselves.

The stuff in quotations is just from the Star Wars wiki. I know this stuff won't hold up to an engineer but it helps me sleep at night.

Blaster Bolts: Temporary, and fragile, electromagnetic field stabilizing plasma. Called "lasers" when gasses are laser ignited or guided.

Shields: "...Two distinct types of deflector shield: ray shields, also known as energy shields, and particle shields. The former protected against energy-based attacks, such as blaster or laser cannon fire, while the latter was developed in response to physical attacks, ranging from projectile missiles and incoming vehicles to asteroids and meteors."
- Particle Shield: "A particle shield or navigational shield[1] was a type of deflector shield used to deflect physical projectiles or space debris."
- Deflectors: "Deflector shields worked in a layered defense fashion: A volumetric field effect extended out from the surface of the shield projector, attempting to reduce the coherency of any beam attacks and deflect physical objects. The shield itself behaved in a manner similar to that of a thermally conductive material—energy applied was quickly diffused and re-radiated back into the environment, but the shield itself could also absorb some of the energy. The absorbed energy was shunted into heat sinks, and re-radiated at a lesser rate by the shield and neutrino radiators. The use of deflector shields on starfighters and other small craft, made them capable of hypersonic speeds in planetary atmospheres."

Lightsaber: Ionized plasma contained within a solid electromagnetic field. The field is superheated when the emitter charges the ions to superheat the plasma/gasses, crystal properties unknown and somehow related to the Force.
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Post by Felix on Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:42 pm

It also helps me sleep at night, as this is pretty awesome. I love stuff like this as well man.

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