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VR's a thing Empty VR's a thing

Post by CivBase on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:11 am

and it's fun! How do we not have a VR thread?

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VR's a thing Empty Re: VR's a thing

Post by KrAzY on Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:06 pm

ive done some VR development, originally for oculus abut now we are with the HTC Vive and holy crap is that thing a leap ahead

I havnt really found any games I think are too fun for it yet, but it is SO immersive its crazy. Like I found myself reaching around tables and such instinctively before remembering I could just reach through it.

its also crazy how fast people pick it up, especially the teleportation for movement that we have set up in our simulation, the people trying it out are all like 50-60 year old Government and Navy personell who do not play games, and they pick it up right away.

I am very excited for the future of this technology
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VR's a thing Empty Re: VR's a thing

Post by Elabajaba on Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:36 am

I've got a Vive, but I'm thinking of selling it at this point as I never really use it, and there's a VR arcade that opened up near me that I can go to if anything really compelling comes out for it. Also, I can't stand how bad the SDE is on it. Probably just going to end up waiting for foveated rendering to be well implemented on a high resolution headset (preferably at least ~4k) before I'd consider buying back into VR.

I think the most enjoyable experience for me was probably Vivecraft, mainly due to the sense of scale that you don't really get in Minecraft normally. Just looking around and realizing that these blocks are half your height, and seeing how huge a 4 block high cliff really is, is definitely worth trying at the very least. Just watch out as a lot of the settings will tank your fps hard, and VR at 30fps is a stuttery mess that can leave you feeling sick for hours afterwards.

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VR's a thing Empty Re: VR's a thing

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