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What We Found In Argentina Empty What We Found In Argentina

Post by Ruski on Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:22 am

I want to begin by saying that what I will be talking about, all of it, is considered classified information of the highest order. In fact, I’m putting my own life at risk by discussing it. Like, door kicked down in the middle of the night and executed, blamed on ‘suicide’, and case closed sort of risk. But I have nothing to lose anymore, not after what happened yesterday. You see, my wife and boy meant the world to me and with them gone now, I don’t have to hold back. So, where to start…

I guess I could start with the first ‘black’ operation we conducted. I was part of a military special forces unit for the United States that never gets credit for the missions it undertakes. The SEALs, the Green Berets, hell even the rangers get all the publicity in the papers here in the U.S. while we get nothing. But that is all by design. I can talk about that some other time though.

Anyways, I was lowly corporal at the time of this operation, and with that rank came lowly grunt work like cleaning the latrine on base. My commander, Captain William Shepard (name changed for obvious reasons) had just walked in and ordered me to head to the briefing room. We had just gotten orders straight from the top, he had told me. I dropped what I was doing and walked there. When I got there, the rest of the platoon was there, bullshitting around like they always do. But that all quickly stopped when Shepard and men in black suits walked in.

See, I was used to the ‘suits’, that’s what we called them, so it didn’t really bother me any when they came in. The ‘suits’ were more often than not from the CIA. Sometimes other agencies would be involved, like the NSA but like I said, it was usually CIA. They would come in, tell us about intelligence gathered somewhere, and within the next day we would be on a combat op in some god forsaken hellhole in the Middle East. But I was surprised when they came in and the powerpoint behind them changed to a topographical map of South America.

“Gentlemen, we have evidence of a terror plot being based out of Argentina. The Tacuara Nationalist Movement, MNT for short, is currently stockpiling supplies of great quantity that if used properly could threaten to destabilize a large portion of the country.” A few slides passed showing pictures of the land. Mountains, jungles, a small village here and there. Some showed images of the terrorists themselves. It may not be politically correct, but they weren’t what I was used to seeing after having done so many tours through the Middle East. However, he continued on and on about how this mission was vital and that it would prevent other groups from getting the confidence to carry out similar buildups. And with that it was over. The men in the suits took Captain Shepard aside and handed him a briefcase. I noted that it was a bit abnormal for them to do something like that as all useful information was always made available to everyone. But I shrugged it off at the time.

Fifteen hours later, and we were already in country. After we had stepped off the plane, we were met by a two men decked out in military gear but they had no unit patch or other identifying marks. Definitely ‘suits’. They met up with Shepard and took him aside while the rest of the squads headed to the parked Blackhawk transport helicopters. We loaded supplies and got ready ourselves. I was just getting my helmet strapped on when Captain Shepard and the men came aboard the helicopter. Shepard talked over our radios so as to address all the squads in the various helicopters.
“...Game plan is we fly a little ways into the jungle here. There’s a small abandoned village there where we can stage from. Teams 1 and 2 will set down. Team 3 will provide CAS. When were all on the ground, we’re going to move into the jungle and take down the operation we were all briefed on.”

It didn’t feel right. Shepard usually was more thorough in his planning with our unit. I just gripped the door gun tighter as the helicopters took off. We were in the air for an hour before we finally saw the village. Except it wasn’t abandoned. I could see movement, but the helicopters were low enough that the foliage of the trees kept blocking my vision. I saw a tarp move in the village center and spooled the gun up to ready. I wasn’t the only one who saw it. One of the pilots must of seen it too.

“Triple A! All pilots, be advised!” echoed through my headset. Our helicopter took a sharp left turn. I saw the other two go right. The steady thump of anti-aircraft shells being hurled skyward filled the air. I watched as one of the choppers door guns open fire but was quickly silenced when it was immediately hit in the tail, a lucky shot. It spun a few times, but swiftly crashed into the thick jungle below. I opened up as soon as we cleared the trees. My first few bursts went low but I make contact on the gun and its stockpile. It went up in flames. Shepard put his hand on my shoulder and stepped into the doorway. We landed next to the other surviving chopper and quickly entered the situation on the ground. A few men burst out of a nearby doorway. All we saw were AK’s and they were lit up. Dead before they hit the ground. Shepard ordered team 3 to secure the landing site. Team 1, the team I was assigned to, was moving out to the crash site and our overall objective.

The smell of fuel and burning bodies, especially of guys you knew well, can never leave you. There were no survivors in team 2. We said a few words and detonated denial charges on the remains. I happened to glance at the two additions to our operation. They didn’t seem moved by any of this. Straight face the whole time. It bothered me a lot, like they wanted less eyes and ears involved, but I chose to not say anything.

We hiked a good three hours through the jungle, and stopped at the base of a large mountain. We could see the entrance to a cave with what appeared to be some guards mingling among themselves. They matched the MNT descriptions we had been given back in the States. Shepard and the ‘suits’ silently disposed of them while we pulled rear security. It was incredibly weird. No jungle sounds were audible. Not a single insect, bird, or otherwise normal animal could be heard. We learned that it was because of white-noise machines set up at the cave’s opening. We’d never seen it before. Large speakers built into the mountain and jungle. After a brief regrouping, we entered the cave.

It was lit a lot better than what I had thought it would be. Better than any of the caves we had cleared in Pakistan or Afghanistan where the Taliban had been living for years. We approached a door at the end. Straight hardened steel, reinforced and everything. It was a little rusted, either from age or water exposure. We opened it with our tools and what we saw inside….was not what we expected.

Nazi regula ranging from full-blown flags to portraits of Nazi leadership to golden eagles hung all over the walls and glittered gold in the fluorescent light. Throughout the room, lab equipment was running full tilt, lights blinking and flashing. There were tubes filled with what I assume was water and animals floating inside, hooked up to all kinds of machines. I hadn’t even noticed any of the lab personnel at that point, but they were there. They were a mix of young and old. Maybe as old as late 90’s, as young as late teens. It was weird. Extremely weird. Our ‘suits’ ordered Shepard to have us handcuff them and start packing up the equipment they had here. As this was carried out, I noticed another door at the far end of the room. It too was just as heavy as the other door we had to blow down to get though.

I, along with Shepard and our two ‘pals’, approached it very slowly. We had no idea what was in there so we didn’t want to potentially run right into an ambush. When we opened the door, it made everything in the lab pale in comparison. In here, historical views were destroyed. Not shattered, or broken. Absolutely destroyed. In a sort of amphitheater sort of setting, there were what appeared to be at least a hundred men, women, and children of all ages. They were kneeling, saluting, kissing the ground, just straight up adoration for what laid at center stage. An elderly man, hair white and wrinkled with age, floated in a tank similar to the lab. A breathing tube in his throat, IV’s hooked up to his wrists, etc. It was incredible, to say the least. I walked up to a women. I noticed that she was chained to the ground. Everyone was. Additionally, they all had earphones in their ears. Before I could do anything, one of the people in the room let out a high-pitched screech. My sightseeing was stopped when our pals opened fire from behind. I hit the ground and stayed there for a good minute or two while they fired round after round. Magazine after magazine. When it was all said and done, I was surrounded by empty shell casings. The room was dead. Save for the tank at the other side of the room.

Our pals called more of their pals in after that and Shepard had us pack our bags of confiscated equipment. We left that cave and made it back to our choppers that’d take us back to the airport. As we left, flying away from the village, I watched as jets passed overhead. Seconds later, the whole area was alight from napalm. I can still hear their cries for help when I sleep...

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