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Post by CivBase on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:10 pm

Over the past few years, I have spent more and more time on YouTube.  My time spent on YouTube easily eclipses the time I spend playing games, and I couldn't help but notice there was no real discussion about YouTube channels here.... so here we go.  My plan is to list the major YouTube channels I watch with a brief description of what it is about and why I like it.  Forgive me for the massive amount of links, as there is a lot that I think is worth watching.  I'm interested to see what other people watch and what other people think of the channels I watch.  Hooray forums!  Let's get started.

In general, I watch sketch comedy, comedy animations, and game punditry.  Most of the channels I watch do not put out a ton of content, but instead focus on high quality content.  I usually stay away from Lets Play channels because, though some are certainly good, the general theme is "massive amounts of bleh content with occasional bits of quality" and I often feel like I'm wasting my time watching them.

5secondfilms (sample)- Extremely short comedy skits.  I like jokes and I like time, so this channel gets As all around.  They have mostly stopped producing their actual "5 second films", but they do occasionally put a few out.

Accursed Farms (sample) - Half Life machinima and occasional reviews of random games.  I really enjoyed the Freeman's Mind series and his reviews can often be interesting thanks to the strange selection of games.

A Dose of Buckley (sample) - Angry humor from a Canadian radio show host.  This one is extremely hit or miss.  Most of his content consists of angry rants and ripping on popular songs.  I tend to like listening to rants from some reason, so I generally enjoy his videos but I may be part of a small minority.  Tread lightly.

ashens (sample) - British reviews on random tat and bizarre food.  I usually enjoy seeing the comically bad items he often manages to pick up and he seems to be pretty knowlegable about most of it (particularly action figures).  Not sure why I watch so many British YouTubers, though... more of tha to come!

BravestWarriors (sample) - It's a cartoon series produced by the guy who made Adventure Time.  If you're not already watching, God help you.

CGP Grey (sample) - Interesting and educational.  Sometimes I just like learning random things and CGP Grey manages to make things interesting and very easy to understand.  If real-life education was like this even half of the time, I would have probably been excited to go to school every day.

CorridorDigital (sample) - Fun, geeky short films and sketches.  They don't put out a ton of content, but most of their stuff is very high quality and pretty entertaining.

Dan Bull (sample) - British gaming rap.  I usually don't listen to rap, but I like a lot of Dan Bull's stuff and the gaming theme is, of course, appealing.  Also, his GTA V rap is amazing.

Eddsworld (sample) - Animated shorts from the world of Edd Gould.  Unfortunately, Edd passed away a few years ago but the channel seems to be continuing to produce some content (looks like TomSka is involved?).  Their cartoons are very funny and, in my opinon, harken back to the reality-bending (and often violent) cartoons of the 90s.

Egoraptor (sample) - Funny animated shorts (often game related).  A lot of people love his Awesome Series but my favorite videos are actually from his Sequelitis series.  He also produces animations for his video game band, Starbomb, although most of his YouTube content now comes from the GameGrumps.

ERB (sample) - Epic Rap Battles of History (and lots of non-history).  Again, not a big fan of most rap but these guys are great.  If you're not convinced, here's another.

ExplosmEntertainment (sample) - Funny animated shorts, usually with a dark twist.  The animation isn't super impressive, but they produce very funny content at a decent rate.  They're also pretty good at making sad content.  Also, Lunk is great.

Extra Credits (sample) - Game comentary, often from a development point of view.  I think the commentary and insite from a development perspective is very interesting, especially as a software developer who wants to try minor game development.

Harry Partridge (sample) - High quality, often particularly violent animations.  His stuff is very high quality and particularly funny.  What else can I say?

How It Should Have Ended (sample) - Alternate ending animations for popular movies (also Batman).  Some videos are more funny than others, but they are usually good for a laugh if you have seen the source material.  It doesn't work well if you haven't, though.

HowToBasic (sample) - Stricktly educational content about how to do tasks such as cooking french toast and picking up candles.  Nothing to see here.

jacksfilms - Parody skits and music videos, fan-curated comedy content (Yesterday I Asked You, Jackask, and Your Grammer Sucks), and lots of sass.  I think a lot of the stuff he produces is just alright, but Jack's hyper-condensed comedy style (lots of jokes in a short amount of time) means that I can usually get a few decent laughs and not feel like I've wasted time.

Jim Sterling (sample) - Egocentric game punditry.  I like game punditry, and this is it.  I ignore most of his "Squirty Plays", which is a short Lets Play / first impressions series for random (usually crap) Steam titles.  However, I do enjoy The Jimquisition and his Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers series.

JonTronShow (sample) - High quality, funny, retro game reviews.  Like Accursed Farms, JonTron's game choices are a bit odd sometimes, but the reviews are very well produced and funny.

juliansmith87 (sample) - High quality, funny shorts.  They also frequently do songs about strange things.  Funny things are funny.

Matt Mulholland (sample) - Musical covers, often with self-harmonization.  He also plays some of the best recorder music I've ever heard.  I like listening to him for his talent and a lot of the vidoes are rather funny.  I have no idea how he manages to sing falsetto like that, either.

OfficialNerdCubed (sample) - Humorous Lets Plays (often simulators) with the occasional bit of punditry.  I know I said I stay away from Lets Plays, but Nerd Cubed cuts his videos together to remove most of the "bleh" parts so that it is mostly good content.  At least, that's true of his Plays... series.  I ignore a lot of the rest of his stuff except for the Hell... series and soup videos (secondary channel) where he does some punditry.

OneyNG (sample) - Comedy animations.  Oney has some of the funniest animations on YouTube in my opinion and definitely deserves a watch if you haven't seen his stuff.

RocketJump (sample) - It's freddyw, guys.  The shorts are funny, high quality, and often nerdy.  Video Game High School is also pretty good.

TeamFourStar (sample) - Dragon Ball Z Abridged.  I think DBZ Abridged is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it, even though the older episodes are slightly more dated.

Tobuscus (sample) - Rants, animations, and litteral music trailers.  I don't watch his Lets Plays for the aformentioned reaons, but some of the animations and litteral trailers are still pretty good.

TomSka (sample) - Sketch comedy and, of course, the asdfmovies.  It's good sketch comedy... not sure what else to say.  Same sort of stuff as CorridorDigital and RocketJump, although with less of a focus on gaming content.

TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit (sample) - Game punditry and first impressions.  I probably watch more content from this channel then any other because, in my opinion, TotalBiscuit provides very high quality and interesting games punditry.  I occasionally disagree with him, but I usually think he makes great points and I think his WTF Is... videos are extremely useful when checking out games.

WheezyWaiter (sample) - Funny blogs.  This channel is a bit of an odd-one-out compared to the rest of the list, but I think his videos are pretty funny.

zefrank1 (sample) - Comedy documentaries and Morgan Freeman impressions.  His voice is amazing and his True Facts videos are pretty awesome.  However, he hasn't put out much content recently so I rarely see him in my subscriptions list.

Wow... that was way more than I expected.  Now to cap it off with some special mentions.  I'm not subscribed to any of these channels for one reason or another, but I have watched a lot of their content so I figured they deserve a spot.  Here we go.

Desipte my normal avoidence of Lets Plays, I do occasionally watch a GameGrumps series or two because I think they tend to have more of those quality bits than most.  Also, their commercials are amazing.

Finally, I frequently check out game reviews from the AngryJoeShow because I think they are very well-made, informative, and funny.

Does this belong in the Media Section? I don't know. It's not so much a discussion of the individual media as it is the media providers. Whatever.

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Post by Rotaretilbo on Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:16 am

I spend quite a bit of my time on Youtube too, so I figured I'd contribute.

CarbotAnimation (sample) - Comedy animations parodying and otherwise poking fun at various Blizzard games, including popular series StarCrafts.

DouchbagChocolat (sample) - Primarily focused on doing anime reviews with an emphasis on crude humor, also occasionally does parody dubbing and other random videos.

Jaltoid (sample) - Comedy animations, usually with a focus on gaming or Internet phenomena.

SWEabridged (sample) - One of several abridgers that actually produce enjoyable content, these people are abridging Sword Art Online, and would probably come more highly recommended by me if they put out content more often. To be fair to them, though, of a team of four, two of their guys walked out midway into episode 5, so it's been a journey since then.

takahata101 (sample) - Once you're caught up, you check this channel once a year, a few days after Halloween. That's all you need to know.

TeamFourStar (sample) - Abridging legends, TFS has been producing DragonBall Z Abridged for two years now, and it's been really good.

videogamedunkey (sample) - Most of his videos are humorous videos focusing on League of Legends, but he's more recently been branching out, so I'm including him.

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Post by Angatar on Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:42 pm

I watch a lot of Brady Haran's videos, which are mostly him interviewing experts in various subjects. His most popular channels are the physics channel Sixty Symbols (sample), the chemistry channel Periodic Videos (sample), and the math channel Numberphile (sample), but he has a few others based on computer science, philosophy, psychology, and science history.

I also watch Scott Manley (sample), who mostly does Kerbal Space Program videos but also sometimes delves into other games like Universe Sandbox, or his own educational videos (sample).

Kay Plays (sample) has the best blind Dark Souls let's play of all time. It kinda starts slow but she really kicks ass once she gets going, and does an amazing amount of detective work uncovering lore and somehow discovering the Artorias of the Abyss DLC on her own. Her Dark Souls II, Demon's Souls, and FEZ let's plays are also really good.

I also really enjoyEthosLab (sample), who is a really great and mature Minecraft let's player. The sample video is a partial tour of his world, and gives a lot of background on his world and what the series is all about so you don't have to watch 300+ videos to catch up on his series.

Masterz1337 (sample) is a Halo: Custom Edition modder and leader of the CMT mapping team. He uploads some behind the scenes stuff about HCE modding, and early Halo history like demo videos from 2000.

dbzao (sample) is a great Project Reality player. Most of his videos aren't full rounds but highlights, or highlights of highlights. He's a really good player, and the times I've played with him have been really fun.

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Post by Rasq'uire'laskar on Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:38 pm

I don't watch much Youtube, and I usually only visit because I want to play some background music while I cruise the internet. That said, some channels have managed to catch my eye:

Forgotten Weapons is the Youtube presence of the Forgotten Weapons website, a site dedicated to researching old and rare firearms. Most videos focus on the history behind each weapon and the forces and doctrines that shaped the design before moving on to the production, issue, and performance of the weapon. This video of the Gewehr 43 is a great example. There's also videos of experimental rifles that were evaluated by militaries but never adopted, like the Blake Rifle. And no, they don't limit themselves to rifles. Forgotten Weapons covers everything related to firearms: bullets, optics, pistols, bad ideas, and... thing.

Jerry Miculek's channel is also worth watching. He's a competitive shooter who does a lot of trick shooting. How fast can you fire a .50 Barrett? How much dakka dakka dakka can you unload with two hands? How about some instruction? Or satire?
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