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Post by Lord Pheonix on Fri Oct 17, 2014 6:28 pm

Alright, i've been burnt on a few games that i've gotten hyped about and it has tainted what's left of my soul. But this time I have found a game that looks to fulfill everything we've ever wanted.

This game if you didn't check the title is Star Citizen.

Star Citizen is the number 1 kickstarted game of all time at I think $57 million dollars at the point of this post. I avoid kickstarters (and haven't donated yet if at all will) but with how this game looks it will be well worth all that money. It's being made by the guys who made Freelancer which i've heard from a friend has added a bunch of features from it. The main guy also created Wing Commander.

Now if you haven't heard of this game it is a Space Simulator. And no, not a Space Sim. It deserves the entire title of Space Simulator. This game even has G-forces and shit affecting the ship.

Any of you remember back on HWF when Rot was making his "Halo MMO" that would be in space and we all put ideas into it and it seemed like it would be the best game ever? Well this game has pretty much all of those concepts in it.

It's a Space Ship Simulator where you get control of your ship and do whatever you wish such as Trading, Transporting, Mercing, Merchanting, Minining, Pirating, Policing, Exploring, etc. Ships can also be piloted by multiple crew members and have 1 driving, a few on guns, some on engineering, and other positions depending on the ship.

The game does not fuck around with visuals either, here is an ingame shot of someone in a small snub fighter

Star Citizen StarCitizenDev_2014-04-11_14-07-03-39

Star Citizen 1

Also with the ability to get the fuck out of the ship and be in FPS mode. You can jump out of your ship and walk outside, explore planets, climb on asteroids, board enemy ships and take it over by force.

Here is a video of someone walking around in the hangar (place where people can check out the ships they got through donating on kickstarter)

And here is a video of someone walking around inside their ship
" />

A bunch of other features are planned such as hacking doors on boarded ships, building bases and station, finding Carrier ships which are just derelict out in the verse to fix up and call you own, and much more I haven't even got to finding out yet.

Please be excite.

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Post by laxspartan007 on Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:51 pm

I saw this, it looks very good

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Post by Nocbl2 on Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:36 am

Not going to get hyped until a full version is released.
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