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Post by Rasq'uire'laskar on Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:39 am

KristallNacht wrote:
Watchdogs is a highly anticipated open world action game, similar to Grand Theft Auto. It's easy to view this game as a simple clone, but the exclusive closed doors demo on display at this years Comic Con International highlighted many of the unique mechanics on display in this title.
Uh, wow.
I'm not really into open-world games, and haven't been keeping up with Watchdogs, but this is... interesting. I never dreamed that they'd get this much interactivity into a game and make it playable. Is there a number of goals you work toward, or is a lot of it just fooling around like in Saints Row?

Also, the multiplayer angle sounds like it'll be more annoying than anything else, but I haven't played a game with a feature like that so I wouldn't know for sure. Didn't Dark Souls have something like that?

So, a lot of what you posted sounds like a writeup for IGN or something. Did you actually get to play these games? Was the hacking well-integrated into the game?

KristallNacht wrote:The side missions kept me busy until I was kicked off the station, being told that Origins has a game world twice the size of Arkham City,
Are they counting the topology of Catwoman's breasts in that statistic?

KristallNacht wrote:Assassin's Creed IV
Ubisoft brought the big guns when it came to AC4: Black Flag. They had a pirate ship with AC4 sails in the harbor docked just behind the convention center. On board they had a single player demonstration and playable multiplayer stations, as well as demonstrations of period weaponry, a gallery of AC artwork and signing by Todd McFarland.
*eye twitches*
Seriously? They did that in THIS economy? Holy crap!
And Todd McFarland... meh. Not exactly a fan of his work.
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Comicon San Diego - Page 2 Empty Re: Comicon San Diego

Post by KristallNacht on Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:58 am

Assassins creed and watchdogs were just videos. I would imagine watchdogs is heavily story based like gta as opposed to story being an excuse to fuck off like saints row and just cause 2
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