The Commonwealth of Belle Isle

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The Commonwealth of Belle Isle Empty The Commonwealth of Belle Isle

Post by Tylertlat on Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:00 pm

As the more cultured of you may know, Belle Isle is a city park in Detroit. It was designed in the late 1800's by Frederick Law Olmsted (the guy who designed NY's Central Park) so it has a glamorous past and would be a really nice park but the city doesn't have the money to maintain it, to the point where it is literally sinking into the river.

Anyway, there are three proposals flying around on how to save it. One is to lease it to the state and make it a state park and one is to turn it into a automotive-themed theme park, but the really interesting idea is to establish the Commonwealth of Belle Isle.

It would essentially be an American Monaco, right next to Detroit (or to stretch a metaphor: the city of Rapture on an island, with a board of directors instead of a singular visionary).

(I'll post more later. Thoughts?)
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