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Post by Gauz on Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:56 am

Anyone else watch/watched this show? Fucking hilarious. I also like how it doesn't rely on jokes that constantly refer to pop culture/the media. It makes its own humor, unlike big bang or Family guy.

My favorite scene so far:

Tobias: "Oooooh Magical and mysticAL *crashes* AJ:LKSDHFA OOOOOHHHH.... we shant be telling your mother of this shant we? *pain*"

George senior: "No, you bring her in here, knock her out with this ether, you stuff her in the garment bag. Anyone sees, you do the same. Oh, hi Tobias."
Tobias: "*fear* oh.... whenever I get a wee bit scared I hum a little tune... hum diddle diddly hum di-do... *walks out of kitchen*"

You can see michaels lips curve up slightly at the end Razz he so wanted to laugh
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