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Post by tiny tim on Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:05 pm

Ya, that's right. First story I'm posting on here and it's for children. Got a problem with it? You can just GTFO.

On a more serious note though, I had to write this for my Short Story class and I decided I should put it up here to see what you guys think of it. Be gentle, it's my first time. Really, my first time ever really writing a story.

Out from Under the Bed
A Cat's Tale of Loss and Discovery

There once was a cat named Smudge, who lived under a bed. She was afraid to come out, because every time she went near the entrance she saw big stomping feet and heard huge bellowing voices. She wasn't alone under the bed though! She had a best friend, a dust bunny named Billy. Billy couldn't leave, because if he did the vacuum would pick him up and carry him away. But despite this, Billy always tried to convince Smudge to leave. He told her that the stomping feet wouldn't hurt her, and the bellowing voices shouldn't scare her. But she never believed him. And why should she? Food showed up every day and nothing ever came under the bed to hurt her.

One day, however, Billy the dust bunny strayed too close to the outside when the terrifying Vacuum was sweeping by, and while Smudge was hiding he disappeared forever. At first Smudge thought that he couldn't have gone far, and that he must be back soon. She hadn't seen what happened to him. She didn't know that he wouldn't be back. For three days and three nights she waited, but he didn't return. So one night, while all the big mean scary people were asleep, she sneakily slid from her hiding place under the bed to search for him. She was absolutely terrified, but she didn't have any other choice. She had to find him. Smudge looked all over the house, exploring every nook and cranny for her friend. But she had never seen any of this before, it was all new to her! All new and exciting, since she had never been out from beneath the bed before. Soon enough, she was looking around the this big new world as much to satisfy her own curiosity as to find Billy. All the exciting new sights and smells, it was so much for her to take in all at once! Very soon after she had nearly forgotten all about her friend what's-his-name. She was too busy investigating everything she could to remember even his name. But she spent too long searching, and the humans were slowly waking up with the dawn. She couldn't get back to her bed, they were already in the way! She had to hide! But where? She quickly swooped under the first thing she could find, a table! But that wasn't good enough and one of the children found her. She was backed into a corner and couldn't escape as the chubby little hand loomed closer and closer. But the hand wasn't malicious at all, and it stroked her on top of her head. She knew that she had to escape, that she had to hide. But the feeling of having her ears scratched was too much. She couldn't think properly, everything was becoming a haze.

Smudge loved her family from that day on, and though she still slept under the bed, she came out every morning to be with them. She even forgot all about her old friend Billy, his memory was replaced with new ones of her family. And she stayed happy for the rest of her life, knowing she was loved.

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