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Post by Kasrkin Seath on Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:24 pm

Anyone remember those stupid vs. threads that existed on HWF and TCF back in the day, where members would argue about what gaming hero would beat who? Well I just made another one.

United States Space Marine [DOOM] vs. ODST [Halo]

This is a random matchup that I thought of. I will say right off the bat that I am in favor of the Space Marines over the ODST's. While I wont describe the ODST's (you should know what they are, otherwise why are on this nerdy as hell site?) but I will do my best to describe the Space Marines. Before I get into it, however, I would like to clarify how my description of them came about: It's a combination of what is known from Doom I, III, the books, and fans. Since the setting has never been developed by id, what is considered canon by the community has in part been made by the community, and much of that has made it into this description.

Also, it is being assumed that both have equal experience and training to avoid situations where someone states one would win simply because they have been through more.

We know from the games alone that the marines possess advanced and powerfull weaponry, such as plasma guns and the iconic BFG(but im guessing for the comparrison that this should be taken out, due to its sheer OP-ness and due to the fact that it is understood as a super rare weapon). They also carry around most of the standards, having access to assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, combat shotguns, rocket launchers, etc. Some notable weapons include the Rail Gun and a mini-gun(likely 5.54mm, meant as an emplacement but able to be fired on the move, though with poor accuracy whilst reducing user mobility).

There is alot of speculation on the armor, from what Doomguy is seen wearing in the original game to powered armor suits comparable to that of Master Chief's from Halo. The most commonly accept armor suit, however, falls somewhere in between these two extremes. The armor is a powered armor suit, either with a high-capacity battery or generator of some sort built onto the back. The plating of the suit is made of a strong but light-weight material(capable of stopping small-arms) while the undersuit is bullet resistant, insulated, and capable of keeping the user alive in space. The helmet seen in use by Doomguy is universally applied as standard, and is thought to be made of the same material as the armor, and includes a visor w/HUD which can be retracted into the helmet or lifted to remove it from view.

Weapons and Armor are only 2/3's of the equipment, the last chunk being any special systems. Accepted equipment includes the built in HUD with infrared and night vision capabilites, a self contained oxygen supply, advanced communications equipment(stored within the helmet), equipment to assist user sensory organs(help hear, see, etc.) and other various things. Lastly, they have ALOT of drugs, and use stimpacks as well as pain suppressors.

Based on what they have, I think that they are better than ODST's, but who really knows, I think its one of the closer matches that has been brought up.

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Post by Onyxknight on Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:07 pm

i would have to go for the space marine aswell but alas the odst would come up a good 2nd being the face are either spec ops or space paratroopers and are most of the time lightly armed and armored.

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