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Activation (old fanfic) Empty Activation (old fanfic)

Post by Felix on Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:15 pm

Well after a long two years of not being on HW forum, I finally got my old fanfic back. I thought I post here for others to read, and mainly just to save it incase I want to work on it.

It's been awhile since I've wrote a fanfic, so forgive me if I'm rusty. Anyway, onto the story.


Data Log, Scientific research for ONI

Subject: Classified

Password: ******

Access granted.

Would you like to view all current files? Yes.


Year: 2543

Facility: Underground complex on Reach

Subjects await activation. Activate? Yes.


The lights went out. The complex, already unbearably dark being underground, become pitch-black except for some flashing red lights scattered around on the ceiling. I was in bed sleeping, when the alarm sounded. I awoke startled and flew out of bed and landed on the floor. Pulling myself up, I rubbed my eyes thinking of the dream I just lost.

"What now?" I said stumbling around my room, looking for my desk. I was flailing my arms around and walking around try to find my desk. For a genius scientist, I felt like an idiot. A part of me felt glad that it was pitch black. That way, no one(including me) could see how stupid I was acting. After fumbling around for a bit, I ran my hand into the desks' pointed edge. For a second, I thought to myself "found it". Then, the next second, I thought of pain.

"AH. GOD *** IT!" I shouted, shaking my hand.

After rubbing my hand, I reached into the desk and pulled out my glasses. Now I can at least see the darkness. After searching around some more, I found a flashlight. I turned it on, and looked around the cube-sized room. I grabbed my lab coat, put it on, and walked out the door. Was it too much for ONI to put in some more light bulbs? I guess because of the war, they felt lights were needed on the front lines, rather than work facilities on how to turn the tide of the war. Good thinking ONI.

As I walked down the long corridor, my head was filled with two thoughts. One thought was; those sirens are incredibly loud, and I can barely think. The other thought was; what was going on? Were we under attack? URF? No, they wouldn't dare to attack Reach. Covenant? No, they couldn't have found Reach, not With the Cole Protocol. Then what was it? I stopped for a minute, and place my hand on my chin to think. Then the realized what was going on.

"No, he wouldn't" I said.

I started walking fast.

"Not without telling me"

I started speed walking.

"That fool"

I started to run down the corridor, and finally came to its end. The reward was a door labeled "KEEP OUT" and "ONLY GENIUSES LIKE ME CAN COME IN".

He was very...subtel about his "genius".

An A.I. appeared in front of the door. It was dressed in old astronaut clothing. Odd I always thought.

"Identification, please"

Straighting up, I spoke loudly to drown out the siren noise.

"John Cazador" I said

"Voice recognized. Access granted" he started

"Welcome John. He started without you."

"I noticed..." I said sighing.

"Can you do something about the noise Frin?" I asked covering my ears

"Certainly, John" He said touching his head. A split second later, the sirens ended.

Releasing my hands from my ears, I told him:
"thanks. Now can you open the door?"

He disappeared, and the door slowly slid open. It felt like eons and time was of the essence.

"Come on, come on..." I said hoping up and down.

Finally, the door opened fully, and I ran inside. I saw him standing and typing in front of a computer. He didn't notice I was there. Tapping my foot impatiently, I finally shouted:

He turned around slowly and looked directly at me.

"Finally, I was wondering when you would get here. The alarm didn't wake you did it?" He asked

He could see I was fuming, and he ate it up.

"So, did you hear?" he asked pushing his glasses up

"No, I figured it out" I told him, folding my arms.

He looked at the pod next to him.

"Magnificent aren't they?"

"Yes yes, your genius knows no bonds..." I said rolling my eyes

He looked at me for a second, grinned, and looked back at the tube.

"How did you get clearance to active them so early?" I asked

He turned away from the pod, and didn't say a word. My mouth dropped.

"You can't be serious..." I stared

He didn't move.

"Do you have any idea what ONI will do to us if they find out?!" I shouted throwing my arms up.

"And it'll be my ass they'll be after first." I said

He finally turned around and grinned.

"Then we better keep this a secret now."

He put his hand on my shoulder and said:
"besides, everyone at ONI is like "oh ya, humans are superior and blah blah blah..."

Rubbing my eyes, I said:
"They better work"

"Oh, they will. I designed them after all." He said pointing at himself

Sighing, I said:
"Show me them"

He ran to the other end of the room, and pulled a giant level. Five pods came down from the ceiling, and opened up.

"THEY'RE ALIVE! THEY'RE ALIVE! AHAHAHAHAHA!" Dexter laughed as the lights flickered on and off. It seems like he planned this.

He always thought of himself as an "mad" scientist. Looking at him now, you'd think so.

"Let's look at our test subjects shall we?" he asked with a devilish grin.

"Not like I have a choice do I?" I said sarcastically.

We looked at the five subjects in the pods. There were three males and two female "humans" inside them. We walked to the middle pod and looked at a naked male "human".

"You were very thorough with them..." I said

"All the more convincing" He said

Surrrrre, I thought.

He opened his eyes, but remained silent. Being impatient, Dexter waved and snapped his fingers in front of him and said:
"Well, say something."

His eyes began to glow red, and he finally spoke.

"automaton activated. Serial number: one. Ready for active service in the United Nations Space Command"

"We did it" Dexter said turning to me.

He grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me.

"We did it! We created the first robotic humanoid!"

He let go of me and pushed his glasses back.

"Thanks to my genius of course" He said.

"Of Course" I replied.

The Robot got out of the pod, and we slowly backed up. Dexter straightened his lab coat, and said to the robot:
"Come with me, you have much to learn in such a short amount of time."

Dexter and the robot started walking out of the lab room, leaving me alone with the other four, who were still inactive.

Putting my hands on my head, I said out loud:
"I pray to god you know what you're doing Dexter..."

I walked out of the room, and stepped into the future.

Old fanfic is old Very Happy

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