The Formation Of the Crimson Flame!

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The Formation Of the Crimson Flame! Empty The Formation Of the Crimson Flame!

Post by Lord Pheonix on Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:25 pm

Welcome to all of you who decided to join me and to create this alliance.

Do not worry in thinking that now you will be forced to do whatever I tell you, that now things will be completely different, well they won't.

Things will be the same as they were in the Spirit of Fire without changing because, well I practically ran that alliance lol. This way it is more official.

I created the Crimson Flame because I knew the Spirit of Fire could be a whole lot better under my leadership but the others in charge did not agree to the positive changes I had in mind so I left to create my own alliance where I could put these changes into affect.

With all of your help we can be one of the greatest alliances in Ogame and still have fun while doing it Very Happy

So good luck to all of you and don't be afraid to message me about ideas or concerns you have, I gaurantee I will look through each and every one of them.

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