Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service). Empty Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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Origin of T38 prologue
Inner sanctum

High charity 9th age of reclamation

Tesla Runadee had a very important intelligence meeting with the Prophet of Truth. It was something about a forerunner artifact being detected on an outer planet. Tesla’s ship was recommended by one of the councilors for having the least casualties in battle. Truth was satisfied and instructed Tesla to meet him in his sanctum the same time tomorrow.

Tesla inhaled the artificial air within the holy city. It wasn’t the air he was used to on his home world, but it was good enough. A real warrior made do with what was offered to him. Tesla lived by sayings like those. But Tesla was also very impatient, which some of his crew frowned upon. Mostly the unggoy for they tended to accomplish tasks at a slow pace. His ship was Sacred Purity, which he in fact held his ship sacred in his eyes. He had a deep respect for the vessel and all the times it saved his life in the past.

Tesla pasted one of his newly stationed commandos. Volvo was his name, or at least he thought.

“You commando! Come here.” Tesla yelled out.

The startled sanghili stumbled up and jogged over to where Tesla was standing. The commando brought his fist to his chest as a sign of respect.

“Yes ship master, what will you need with me?” Volvo asked.

Tesla motioned for him to follow, and they embarked to the mausoleum of the arbiter. The two sangheili pasted many species of the covenant. Tesla was fascinated by all of them. The very scared but strong unggoy. The fast and agile Kig-yar, the insectiod Yanme’e, the fearsome and loyal Lekgolo. But there was one species of the covenant Tesla’s entire race had a rivalry with. The simian race called Jiralhanae, or Brutes. A growing battlefield rivalry was imminent between the two species. Tesla was happy they were punished to guard duty for the time being.

The beautiful site of the prophet’s sanctum made him snap back to reality. He looked over to Volvo to see the same look on his face. Tesla nudged him on the shoulder, the commando snapped to attention looking embarrassed to be caught of guard by his ship master.

Tesla chuckled.

“I will report my orders to the crew when I’m let out. Be ready for anything, I look forward to fighting by your side soldier. You have a strong heart, I admire that.” Tesla remarked.

Volvo perked up, delighted to hear such a compliment coming from his ship master.

“Yes sir, I look forward to it as well” Volvo yelled out as he ran off to prep the ship.

Tesla sighed. Volvo was a good soldier, some day he even might take over once I’m gone Tesla thought.

Tesla focused himself for the upcoming meeting, he would have to show every amount of respect he hade. Truth was the most important hierarch of the covenant.

The door slid open in hum to reveal two honor guards blocking the entrance. Tesla informed them that he had to meet with truth at this time. The guards murmured for abet but soon after let him in.

Something wasn’t right; the guards at the door were a pair of Jiralhanae. Tesla walked in to witness the entire sanctum filled with the beasts. His sangheili brothers were gone what had happened to call for this exchange. Tesla was furious, How could have the prophets allowed such an exchange.

“Aw. Yes my next appointment, quickly this is of up most urgency,”

The prophet of Truths call broke the silence and Tesla quickly hurried off to where he was called too.

Remember your manners, show the up most respect Tesla thought.

The room was light ablaze by the most spectacular lights. In the center of the chamber was a lone mantle with a robotic object in the middle. Tesla looked closer to notice it was one of the oracles he heard about. He noticed Truth was waiting for him to bow.

Tesla immediately bowed and rose.

“Holy one I await your orders” Tesla recited.

Truth waved his hand at the other prophet Mercy to leave. Truth then cleared his throat.

“As you know the guard has been changed to be consisted of Jiralhanae. The death of Regret was unfortunate…….

“So why change the guard we have always protected and served you without question” Tesla cut off.

Truth stroked his chin and regained control of the conversation.

“Mercy came to a conclusion that the sangheili cannot guarantee our safety under their watch. The Jiralhanae have been loyal to us so far, this change of hand is for the better of our covenant,” Truth trailed off.

Tesla was growing impatient and with one of the prophets. He cursed under his breath at himself for not showing more patience towards Truth.

Truths voice made Tesla snap to attention.

“Now, to your task.” Truth said as he activated the holo pad on his chair. The holo pad revealed a static image of a planet.

“The planet is named Dynasty, not very far off from here. Planet side we detected a beacon of forerunner origin.”

“But why didn’t the ship that detected it retrieve it then?” Tesla interrupted.

Truth searched through some of the data files. He found the one he needed and read it out loud.

“Ship number 224224. Destroyed over newly discovered planet renamed Dynasty. Ship was attacked by the humans because of trespassing in enemy space. That’s why” Truth smirked.

Tesla sank back to a seat in front of the prophet.

“Yes holy one. Please continue.” Tesla answered humiliatingly.

“You with your ship and entire crew will venture to this planet and retrieve the artifact. Do not worry the vermin cowards have left that space at the time of the assault on their home world. I understand your ship was heavily damaged and you had to drop in a heated area?” Truth questioned.

Tesla sat up when he mentioned the drop. He recalled all the brothers he lost that day, all for a fool’s gambit on attacking earth. Tesla had the up most respect overall things for his fellow sangheili.

“Yes, holy one. The battle was a devastating defeat.” Tesla remarked.

Truth mumbled something about Regret and then dismissed Tesla to begin his mission at once.

Tesla walked past the Jiralhanae giving them both dirty looks. He hated the beats so much; he wished they were the ones that attacked earth. Not his kind. Tesla cleared his mind; he always let his thoughts run freely. But he always quickly regained control of them.

Tesla walked past an alley way to see two Jiralhanae attacking a defenseless sangheili. The lone sangheili landed a good blow to one of the Jiralhanae’s faces. The beast roared in pain and slammed the poor sangheili into the wall. Tesla had seen enough. He ignited his two swords and threw one to the sangheili victim. One of the Jiralhanae roared a challenge to Tesla while the other turned to address the unknown Sangheili.

Tesla dodged a blow and delivered a strong lunge square in the Jiralhanae’s chest. The beats roared in pain and slumped to the ground in a sickly pile of blood and flesh. The other sangheili struck the Jiralhanae through the back as it watched its comrade fall.

Tesla deactivated his energy sword and walked over to the sangheili who sat down after the conflict. Tesla then gasped in shock, the sangheili was Volvo.

Volvo also looked shock to see that is was his shipmaster that came to his rescue. Volvo immediately stood up handed Tesla back his sword and saluted.

Tesla laughed and grabbed Volvo by his shoulders, patting him on the back.

“You really showed those disgusting apes who runes the military!’ Tesla remarked amusingly.

Volvo lightened up, and joined his laughter.

“Well you did say you would want to fight by me.” Volvo responded.

Tesla and Volvo exchanged more friendly conversation on the way to the ship. Tesla marveled at Sacred Purity and then at his hard working royal crew. He would do anything to protect them, even give up his life. Tesla watched as the last of the equipment was loaded on and as the last of the personnel boarded the cruiser.

Tesla was the last to board, his little tradition to be the last to board his own ship.

Tesla entered the bridge to meet the gaze and salutes of his bridge crew. He put them at ease and sat down in his grava chair.

“Lock coordinates to planet Dynasty, then all ahead full” Tesla ordered.

One of his crewman acknowledged the order and Sacred Purity rocketed skyward.

Tesla then sat back and thought about what this strange new planet would throw at him, what danger could there possibly be? Tesla ordered his commandos including Volvo to be ready to go planet side with the excavation team.

Tesla watched as the crew prepped the ship to enter slip space with the greatest care.

Sacred Purity roared to new life as it carried her passengers and equipment to one of their most memorable missions yet.
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Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service). Empty Re: Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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This was my first peace of work so it wont be the longest or the greatest but enjoy it any way...

Chapter 1
The Door Everlasting

The holodrone cut off at that point. All Tesla could do is just stare at was once an image of his lead commando. The bridge started to hum into life as Sacred Purity was proceeding to ascend towards the planets surface, to unload the appropriate gear. Tesla and Blip Blip were one of the first necessary personnel to arrive the awaiting phantoms.
The pilot glanced at Tesla
“Greetings Tesla we will be……….
“Save it and just take off now, there are plenty of more phantoms for the rest” he ordered.
The pilot was a little dazed by that remark but recovered almost instantly
“As you wish”

The barren wastelands of Dynasty were very similar to the desserts Sacred Purity had encountered on the assault on the human home world “earth”. Very little vegetation was present, grounded rock fragments similar to the earth bound substance known as “sand” littered the planets surface. Mission briefing detailed that the planet had little weather to look forward to, just wind and the occasional sand storm.

Down at the excavation site Volvo (the commando leader) overlooked as the last of the debris was moved aside. There in front of him was the door that would put there cruiser in the new testaments of the 9th age. They nicknamed this unknown artifact “The Door everlasting”. Another commando stepped in front of Volvo.
“Sir Tesla will hit planet surface any second now”
“Excellent! We will descend when he’s ready” Volvo responded
The commando bowed and backed away to resume his work. Unlike Tesla Volvo enjoyed the occasional sign of respect. Volvo felt someone place there hands on his shoulder. He turned around to meet the stare of Telsa himself. He had actually never been in Tesla’s presence before. He felt a ping of fulfillment along with a growing sense of fear; he would have to watch himself in the presence of him.

“Good work Volvo; thanks to you we are this much closer to the destruction of all that oppose our journey!”
He bowed to his ship master
“Yes Tesla this will be so”
This time Tesla did not demand him stop. Volvo stood up and followed his Ship master, flanked by two sanghellie and several unggoy. Tesla issued his famous battle cry every one remembers
“Today we descend to our victory in our holy cause. For Honor!”
The rest of the following member’s voices rose up in a chorus
“For our covenant!”
Then they descended to there prize.
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Chapter 2
The Howling Dark

“Everyone activate your shoulder lights” ordered Tesla.
One by one the sanghellie activated there built in flashlights; in turn the darkness slowly ebbed away. Tesla motioned for the unggoy to set up formation several feet in front of him. Blip Blip, in the lead of the group holstered his plasma rifle sensing no real danger. They all marveled at the ancient forerunner architecture that no one else would ever get a chance to see. Some of the panels hummed to life as the unggoy waddled by, while some of the panels almost seemed as they were watching and cataloging there every move. Tesla nodded towards Volvo.
“Fan out and locate the origin of the beacon we picked up” Volvo commanded.
All at once the commandos fanned out in turn trying to locate the beacons source. Volvo noticed that Tesla was on edge, just waiting for something bad to happen.
Volvo chuckled to himself.
“What’s got you on such edge? Relax just a standard retrieval mission that is all.”
Tesla shot an angered look at him
“Nothing is standard; anything could go wrong, remember the earth assault?”
Just as Volvo was about to reflect on his shipmasters comment Blip Blip came running up to Tesla.
“Sir, sir we found another door! It seems the energy signal is in close proximity behind it!” said Blip Blip quite proudly.
Tesla strode forward to the door and proceeded to activate it. A sudden wet slopping sound made him stop.
“What’s wrong?” asked Volvo impatiently.
Tesla looked back at Volvo, then at the door, then Volvo again.
“I…..I thought I heard something” Tesla trailed off.
Volvo groaned and activated the door. He stepped in a bit and looked around.
“See its clear nothing to………..
The sudden force of the combat form smashing into Volvo made him go clean into the previous room. Volvo looked around, his vision fading and slowly slipping out of consciousness.
The last thing he heard Was Tesla gripping his energy sword pointing at the combat form yelling at the troops, as plasma fire erupted from behind him. Then the darkness took him.
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Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service). Empty Re: Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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Chapter 3
I Exsist therefore I am

Tesla stood in shock as he watched his best commando get nearly killed by the parasite.
He knew to play it safe but didn’t do anything to play safe. He unholstered his energy
sword and with all his hatred thrust it into the chest of the parasite. The beast screamed in
what he guessed was agony and defeat.
“All troops fire on the beasts!” Tesla ordered as he pointed to the rest of the infection.
He ran to Volvos side and began to look him over. Blip Blip wandered over not wanting to risk his life, decided to help out the poor sanghellie.
“Should I take him back to the ship?” Blip Blip asked.
“Yes, and quickly he might not make it if we leave him here” Tesla responded coldly.
Blip Blip said something in his native language to another unggoy. Most likely asking for help Tesla thought as he charged back to the front lines.
One combat form leapt up into the air out maneuvering Tesla, gaining a foot hold behind him. Tesla grabbed Volvos discarded plasma rifle and shoved it into its face. He gripped the trigger and prepared to fire.
“This is something the humans call payback” And he squeezed the trigger until his hand almost boiled.
“Someone report” Tesla ordered.
A sanghellie major approached Tesla, Saluted and began running his report.
“The parasite is destroyed, No losses, one wounded and the signal is just beyond this point here” The sanghellie pointed on a holo pad.
Tesla walked forward to what appeared to be a larger version of a sentinel, with a few altercations and with the symbols T38 written on what he assumed was his chest.
Tesla started to build up rage
“This was what we hunted for!? This is what we spent countless resources tracking!? This is what almost killed my best commando!?” Tesla struck the forerunner scrap with his fist. He stumbled back as he realized it was starting to move and make robotic squeals.
Priority one containment breach in field31114
The beast know stood completely erect and did not look forerunner. Tesla noticed it had a head shaped like a sentinel; it was in fact a sentinel. A body more shaped like one of the earths demons and legs similar to his species. Blades protruded from its upper mechanical limbs, and it had some kind of laser weapon mounted on its shoulder. It whirred towards Tesla and began to speak
I am T38 caretaker of containment field 31114 Is the out break under control?
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Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service). Empty Re: Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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Chapter 4
Beginning of the end

Tesla was speechless to be in the presence of the forerunner behemoth, it called itself T38. Containment field 31114? Tesla wanted to ask T38 so many questions but he didn’t know if it was hostile or not.
Is the breach in containment secure? I must know so I may be able to categorize the data on the new species. T38 asked again impatiently.
Tesla glanced at the rest of his troops trying to put together and answer. He cleared his throat ready for what ever comes next.
“Yes, all of the parasite was killed. They…..
T38 held up his hand and fiddled with his claws in frustration.
How unfortunate. We had bred a stronger species of combat form and injected it with a toxin to see if it was controllable. But unknown to us the flood reacted worse on the toxin then it did with out it. We could not control it, and absolutely nothing worked. Most of my associates were either killed or fled, but I had to establish containment.
“Don’t you think you should have left well enough alone?” Tesla interrupted.
T38 red central eye were the sentinel beam should be, fixated on him and seemed to zoom in.
What would an alien species equipped with a type 2 combat suit know about containment? I see some of your weapons were modeled after our technology, but ultimately outdated.
Tesla was losing his patience once again.
“You were saying about containment” Tesla spit out.
T38s head moved back a little, almost pleased that Tesla wanted to hear the rest of his tale.
I managed to push back the smaller groups into this room here. He gestured to where he was laying before.
The larger groups that fed on the toxin were my primary targets which they were immediately destroyed. Eventually I realized that containment was obtained and I could go into a lock down status, only to awake when the flood was unleashed. I must thank you for this illogical awakening………T38 seemed to trail off at that point.
Tesla was dazzled by this forerunners tale; Volvo would have liked to here this one.
T38 looked around the room and then focused back on Tesla.
I have come upon a small problem... My ship was destroyed by the flood and I need transportation to fulfill my primary objective. Will you comply?
Most of Tesla’s troops didn’t like the idea of such a heavily armed forerunner aboard Sacred Purity. Tesla walked back to his troops to address this matter.
“We might as well, I mean we can’t even fight him when he’s so heavily armed” Tesla whispered.
The rest of the troops agreed they would take him to where ever he needed to be then glass him.
Tesla walked back to T38 and made a friendly gesture.
“We would be happy to take you aboard our ship. Where are you heading?” Tesla asked
T38 made some gears crunching sounds and then responded
Moon G617 g1 in the Milky Way system.
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Chapter 5
Worst road trip ever

Onboard Sacred Purity
9th age of reclamation

As you can see when the outbreak reached a critical level my creators activated the rings and all sentient life around the rings were destroyed thus driving the flood into starvation. The ones in my containment field went into hibernation like status and survived for a millennia.

Tesla had begun ignoring T38 for some while now. He grew tired of his stories and tired of him. Volvo had returned to the bridge at his side where he belonged, ready to make the jump. As if on cue the moment Tesla walked into the bridge the crew and ship roared to life awaiting his command. He ordered Volvo to broadcast the order to make the jump over the intercom (not sure what to call it)

“All crew prepare to make the jump into vermin controlled space!” Volvo roared into the intercom.

Tesla looked out his bridge view port to meet the gaze of a UNSC cruiser heading their way.

Tesla quickly grabbed the intercom from Volvo and started to give new orders.

“All crew abort the jump! Bring the shield and weapon systems online, and turn us into firing position!”

T38 stormed out of the bridge pushing past everyone heading towards the shield and weapon systems.

Sacred Purity hurled herself around to bring her guns facing at the UNSC ship.

The UNSC ship also roared to life and began to drift into firing range, Its MAC gun beginning to charge.

“Don’t fire until I give the word.” Tesla ordered.

The UNSC ship drifted closer and closer, quickly closing the gap into firing range.

Tesla saw his chance.

“All batteries open fire!” Tesla roared.

All at once Sacred purity’s plasma batteries unleashed there payload into the UNSC ship. The ship erupted in flames, parts of its hull being ripped or burned off.

Tesla clicked his mandibles in astonishment as the burning ship was able to fire A MAC round straight at them.

“Brace for impact!” Tesla warned.

A tense 5 seconds went by and no damage. Tesla looked around confused.

“Did they hit us?” he asked his operations crew.

The sanghellie looked over his controls and read outs looking more confused then Tesla.

“They did hit us sir—but there was no damage to the forward shields. Almost as if the ship shrugged the blast blow off.”

T38 walked into the bridge looking like he just saved the world.

Tesla looked at him and then back at his crew.

“Did you do something to our ship?” Tesla asked.

T38 fiddled with some of his wires and knobs and the responded.

By increasing you shields with a simple adjustment the overall strength of the ships power grid tripled! I believe with ample justification everything I did was for the better, no?

For the first time Tesla smiled at T38

“Yes. I do believe that was for the better” Tesla remarked.

His crew had a good laugh at that, even Volvo. Tesla dressed Volvo

“Volvo ready the crew for the jump.”

Volvo nodded.

“With pleasure.”
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Chapter 6
The flood, it has evolved

Sacred Purity tore out of slip space coming to a complete stop near their target destination. The forerunner moon looked like it had been uninhabited for years.

Splendid we arrived in less time I thought we would! The attack on the hostile vessel didn’t put us back at all. You will need to come with me for the next phase of my mission.

Tesla looked at T38 like he was crazy. He held up his part of the deal, why he should risk his life for this robot.

“We held up our part of the deal. We are not giving you man power for your mission.” Tesla barked.

T38 immediately leveled his wrist at Tesla’s head revealing a barrel of forerunner origin. He then shot up the other wrist at the rest of his troops.

If you do not aid me in my mission I will take you and this ship to the grave. You will comply, and we will succeed.

Tesla stared in disbelief at what was once his discovery is now his captor. But he would not risk battle in his ship and put all of his crew in peril. The planet looked deserted from orbit, but he couldn’t be sure. He would have to level with T38 by sending down him and a few of his commando’s.

“Alright, we will help you. Just lower your weapon and I with a few of my best commando’s will accompany you down.” Tesla reasoned.

T38 lowered both his arms and addressed the crew delightfully.

Splendid! You will not be disappointed, what you will witness down on the surface will be the biggest forerunner breakthrough in our history. I suggest you bring some sort of heavy vehicle in case something goes wrong.

Tesla prepared 5 spec ops elites and 2 ghosts for the trip to the moons surface. Tesla couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the planet in the past. What made it so inhabitable? But he would need a level head for this mission, Tesla wanted no more mistakes. Not like when they found T38.

Tesla and T38 boarded the first phantom along with Volvo and Blip Blip. The two ghosts’ were locked into place under the transport. The rest of the troops were in the next phantom.

The phantom roared and moaned as it quickly lifted off and descended to the surface of the forerunner moon. The phantom came to an erupt stop and opened its die doors to reveal thick musky air. Much like something out of a swamp.

“What kind of planet is this? You kind used to live here? How?” Tesla thought out loud.

T38 let out an amused chuckle.

You meddlers think you know all about our past. This planet was the first to fall to the flood scourge. Now they are but dwindled here, perfect for my experiment with my mind stimulant. Does that bother you?

Tesla was fed up with T38. He led his crew on nothing but a goose chase; He would have pulled out of the moon if the forerunner machine wasn’t so heavily armed.

“Let’s just find a small group of the parasite so I can take my men back where they belong.” Tesla answered.

A deathly screeching noise pierced the fog of the moon, sending chills down the sanghellie’s spins. Another parasitic roar rang out in the night followed by more and more which gave way into a raising chorus.

Tesla looked around in disarray. He brought his wrist to his mouth.

“Pilot bring in the ghosts and load up the plasma cannons for immediate assist!” Tesla Yelled into his COM link.

His troops got into a box formation ready for whatever might assault them. Volvo looked at T38.

“I thought you said it was barley infested!” Volvo roared over the commotion.

T38 armed himself and joined the block of sanghellie defensive line.

As did I T38 yelled back as the first group of combat forms seemed to materialize out of the thick green fog.
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Chapter 7
Full retreat

Their mission had gone from bad to worse in the past couple days. The crew of Sacred Purity commanded by Tesla Runadee was on a mission to recover a forerunner relic. Little did they know that mission would be the hardest of they would face. They had faced UNSC opposition, the flood and now they would face the greater flood threat on the forerunner moon T38 had tricked them into taking him. They were outnumbered, and running out of time. This is where our story picks up, in the middle of a struggle for survival.

The flood had just started to break out of the dense fog; their screaming could be heard for miles. Tesla’s crew had one thing to do now. Retreat and extract.

Tesla bore his wrist to his mouth.

“Pilot bring the phantom to our position. Low altitude and drop off those ghosts’s. Stand by for evac!” Tesla roared into his comm. Link.

He ignited his energy sword and thrust it into the nearest combat form. Two more were cut down in a hail of plasma fire from a Sanghellie spec ops. Volvo was jabbing his carbine into a combats forms gut watching it as it let out its last scream. Tesla decided they couldn’t stay here. They had to get out of there.

Tesla turned to address his troops.

“All warriors full retreat! The phantom will cover us from above.”

All at once the sanghellie stood up to their full height and slowly moved back to the clearing they were dropped off. Most of the advancing combat forms were cut down by the phantoms plasma turrets. Two unlucky sanghellie were cut off from the group and mauled by the unforgiving combat forms. T38 picked off a relatively weak combat form and was at the moment introducing the stimulant to the flood super cell. Volvo had dropped down the flood count by another two, but they just kept coming.

Tesla looked at his remaining troops. They had lost two of his spec ops and all of his Unggoy. He shouldn’t have lost any lives on this mission---Tesla decided to call in for the rest of his support.

“Pilot drop off the ghosts and set her down. We are getting off this rock.” Tesla barked into his comm.

Tesla took in a deep breath. He had to do what was right, even if it meant giving up his own life. He contacted Sacred Purity.
“I want you to charge up the cleansing beam----and be prepared to glass the planet upon the arrival of our phantom.”

“Yes ship master,” The sanghellie responded.

Tesla looked up at his ship, then down at his men.

“Where I go ranks will not matter, my brother the great journey awaits me,” Tesla grieved.

Every thing seemed to slow down at that point. The flood had let up on their off offensive and the phantom was waiting for their arrival.

Tesla’s comm. activated again.

“But Tesla, who will command our ship? What are you going to do?” The sanghellie asked desperately.

Tesla didn’t fight back his feelings this time. He lets the tears run down his face, and he wasn’t afraid to show his fear and sorrow. He regained himself rather quickly.

He activated his comm.

“I’m going to repay T38 for the trouble he’s caused us. Volvo will lead the rest of you into greatness, I don’t doubt it,” Tesla held back the tears.

There was a long pause, and nothing but static.

“Yes ship-----Tesla.” and it cut off abruptly at that point.

Tesla whipped his eyes and wandered over to Volvo. Volvo greeted him with a smirk, as he looked at the corpses of the dead. T38 was cataloging all of the carnage. Tesla could tell Volvo was appalled at that. He leaned over Volvo and placed his arms on his shoulder.

“Volvo my finest commando, I have one last command to give you before the end.” Tesla trailed off.

Volvo looked at him surprisingly, and then stood up.

“The end? Where are you going? I’m sorry ship master…..what is your command?” Volvo asked.

Tesla embraced him but this time held back his tears.

“I go to embark on the great journey, I promote you to shipmaster. May she serve you just as well as she served me.” Tesla whispered.

At that point Volvo was already on the phantom, unbeknownst to him with the rest of the sanghellie. They roared up into the atmosphere and Volvo took one last look at his mighty ship master. He dropped to his knees and yelled to the gods for what seemed like for ages.

Tesla waved at the last phantom he would ever see.

Where are they going? What about us? T38 asked

Tesla turned around to him, and with as much malice as he had stored activated his energy sword.

“They left so I can have you all to myself!” Tesla roared.

He charged towards T38 in what would be his last courageous act under the service of the covenant.
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Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service). Empty Re: Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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Chapter 8

T38 dodged Tesla’s blow with ease. Tesla swung his arm around to connect with T38’s left arm. Sparks flew up along with the smoldering dent in T38’s armor.

This is most unwise. If you don’t stop I will be forced to kill you, and I know you don’t want that. Do you?

Tesla glared at him with disgust. If he was going to die, he would take T38 with him. They both stood at a stalemate at the moment. T38 leveled his writ canons and Tesla upholstered his plasma rifle to be used with his energy sword. Tesla noticed the flood seemed to be watching the battle, and not actually interfering.

T38 noticed Tesla look at the flood watching them not comprehending what made them like that.

I see you have noticed my experiments at work. The mind controlling toxin was a success! The flood are now under my control. Is that not wonderful?

Tesla ran at T38 again. Swinging his sword and shooting his plasma rifle.

“No! That is madness! You and your experiments have caused me nothing but trouble! Do you really think the parasite could be so easily controlled?” Tesla yelled as the combat unfolded.

Tesla’s sword connected again, damaging more of T38’s armor. T38 leveled his wrist canon and fired point blank at Tesla. Tesla screamed as the round hit him full force sending him skidding back. His shield shimmered in the danger zone as T38 charged the canon up again. Tesla Held up his plasma rifle and fired until it overheated.

The rounds connected with T38s wrist and caused the canon to explode in a satisfying burst.

That hurt meddler! I will resort to a tactic similar to yours.

A sickly black blade extended from T38’s left arm. T38 then raised his arm in a striking pose.

Tesla stumbled, his feet sinking into the swamp muck. He knew he would have to avoid T38’s left arm. Tesla decided to stick to T38’s left side. That way it wouldn’t be easy to get a hit on him. Tesla discarded his plasma rifle and activated his second energy sword. There would be no second chance at this. He activated his comm.

“It is time, begin glassing the planet. I will miss all of you. Go my brothers and serve the covenant” Tesla announced.

Tesla looked up at his ship and watched as the hull glowed bright white. The massive beam shot down and caused the whole planet to shake.

T38 made mechanical noises of irritancies.

Once you are destroyed your ship and its crew will be killed and converted into more flood for my army.

Tesla charged T38 swinging his swords in a fury of light.

T38’s blade and Tesla’s swords connected in hail of light that blinded them both.

“I will not let you bring anymore harm to brothers. You will die!” Tesla yelled at T38 relentlessly.

T38 just let out an amused chuckle as he brought more force into his blade. It was so strong Tesla stumbled onto his back and was slowly being pushed into the muck. He was struggling and T38 could see that.

You fight for foolish reasons. Stop now and I may spare your life.

“Never!” Tesla shouted out as he mustered up his strength and flung T38’s blade aside.

T38 shot a look at his discarded blade and then at Tesla. Tesla drove his blades into T38s chest with as much force as he could muster.

T38 yelled out in pain as he was forced backwards onto his knees. T38 looked up at Tesla, looking for any sign of mercy. There was none.

You will kill me then? T38 asked innocently.

Tesla stared at him, and dislodged the swords out of T38. HE brought both of them up in a striking pose.

“I will show you no mercy, for you have shown me none.” Tesla roared at T38.

T38 made some fast calculations, and began to charge his central eye canon.

Then you will die

Tesla was thrown back the sheer power and force of T38’s eye canon. He slammed against a near bye tree and immediately lost his entire shield, and was incredibly hurt.

T38 laughed at him and picked up his blade.

The planet shook with more force the before. The moon has taken a lot of damage, and was beginning to destroy its self. Tesla had to pull a miracle here or he would seal his fate along with his brothers onboard.

T38 stopped over Tesla and prepared to deliver the killing blow.

Tesla braced himself, he couldn’t do anything now. He would just hope T38 was glassed with the planet.

T38 paused for a moment, looking back at his flood slaves which had gotten closer to the two the Tesla realized. T38 brought his attention back to Tesla. Slowly T38 brought his blade just moments from being ready to strike.

Tesla closed his eyes, waiting for the great journey to take him. But that moment didn’t come. Tesla opened his eyes thinking he was already dead, to see the harsh tentacle of a combat form rammed through T38s entire body.

T38 yelled out in pain as a booming voice began to rise form the silence.


As soon as the mysterious voice came it was gone. He watched in horror as the combat forms dragged T38 into the fog still screaming and trying to break free of their hold.

Tesla’s vision dulled and his senses became impaired, as the voice began to talk to him.


Tesla roared and flailed his arms in defiance.

“Get out of my mind parasite! I don’t care what you offer, this planet WILL be destroyed. You will die along with it.”

He heard a booming laughter as combat forms began to emerge out of the fog all around him.

Tesla looked around and picked up his plasma rifle. He leveled it to the nearest combat form. He took a deep breath and whispered his famous war cry.

“For honor…….

For our covenant!” He screamed as the volley of plasma connected with the parasitic nightmare.

The End
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Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service). Empty Re: Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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//Data bank opened
//Accessing file: T38
//File obtained
//Accessing file: Codenamed-‘Master mind’
//File obtained

Forerunner containment field 31114
Purpose: Research and containment
Security records between forerunners class 12 robot designated model ‘T38’ and AI Offensive bias.

//How does the war go?

//Mendicant bias still resists me. The flood are still spreading, and with out the success of your experiments, the only option left would be the activation of the halo array.

//Were all the species lead to the ark?


//The mantle has been passed.

//So it has.

//The experiments are going well?

//Indeed, they are. With a few for years we should be able to—

//Not enough time is available. Our race needs it for survival.

//The flood are an ever changing form of parasite, we simply can’t keep up. What’s that? I am sorry but something with the experiment needs my attention.

//Is containment compromised?

//Containment is in hand. I am needed elsewhere,

//Data bank closed

//Data bank found: Personnel records of T38 and his experiments

//I am T38, military grade robot and keeper of the containment field. Upon my endless lifecycle of servitude my creators began tinkering with the Flood super cell. I was to keep the parasite from leaving the containment field, but, in my stasis lock downs for rest, I was lost in my thoughts. I began to notice they organic element in the experiments, my creators, were making little to no progress. I did what was best---I saved them all from a horrible death---I had made astounding jumps in the research. None of them saw it coming; it was quick and painless for the ones who didn’t fight. My logic was only strengthened when one of the researchers began to release the parasite. My fellow machine brothers rose up and caste them down, with heavy casualties. They---they are all but gone now, scrap metal for me to melt down. I am alone

//Data stream interrupted
//Data bank found: codenamed ‘whispers in the dark’
//My scanners are correct then. My creators activated the rings, and the flood is all but destroyed. The sounds---I can still remember them, they are hard wired in my circuits, hard wired in my nightmares. Another whisper. My dying brothers or the parasite are trying to talk to me. But none of them haunt me so as the one who haunts my dreams. It promises me a new life, to see my creators and fellow machines again. But---my creators for saw this. I can only endure the floods taunting, its false promises. But it still keeps me from stasis lock at night…

//End file
//Data stream reconnecting
//Data stream connected

//I can hear the pounding from down here, even the parasite can. In my centuries I have discovered the toxin that can control the flood. But they have changed in those centuries and I am not sure it will work. The drilling stirs the flood, they have broken loose and I am locked away in another part of the facility, away from them.

//Small arms fire broke out near the door. The flood were all destroyed and……
//Automatic reboot initiating. Weapons systems online. Control systems online. Awakening…

//File corrupt
//File found

//The experiment was a success! The flood forms on the first planet the scourge attacked are bending to my will. I do encounter strange occurrences, voices and actions I did not command. The only problem is this meddler seeks my destruction. The alien has damaged my wrist cannon and caused sufficient damage to my body. He will be brought down like the rest…

//File interrupted
//File corrupt
//File corrupt
//File found: accessing…

//File of T38 and strange anomaly

//Help me…

//You will find no help here

//Help me…

//Did you think we could be controlled?

//Help me…

//They are gone, and not coming back for you

//The planet will be destroyed

//HA! They have one of their own down here; they will search for him before ever thinking about destroying the planet.

//You will keep him alive?


//You don’t have the strength to do what I couldn’t do

//If I wanted him dead, it would have only taken a minute

//High radiation levels detected.


//Impact in 5 milliseconds


//The mantle is passed on, the mantle is passed on, the mantle is passed on, the mantle is passed on.

//Files lost

//Live transmission found

//I---am alone again. Drifting into the black void. Ships came, came by two’s. They one designated as ‘Sacred Purity’ glassed the planet, and then another destroyed the rubble out right. I detected a life form, faint, but alive. I expect his death in the void of space. I have but one purpose now.

Keeping the forerunner legacy alive, by any means necessary.

//End transmission.
Yam Head
Yam Head

Male Number of posts : 730
Age : 27
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Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service). Empty Re: Origins of T38 (This comes before Volvo's Service).

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