Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

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Volvo's Service Fall of the elites. Empty Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

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Volvo’s service

Volvo reflected on all he has been through. The service, the combat and the loss. Days before the arbiter would retrieve the index Sacred Purity had lost its ship master to the flood. Volvo ordered the glassing of the planet to cease and to send search parties down to find Tesla. Volvo grew in anger to the reports of nothing. He had lost search parties and soon withdrew them realizing the danger he was putting his sangheili in for just one of his kind. The news got worse with the utter destruction of the planet by a Jiralhanae ship. Volvo was tired of being angry all the time and knew it was holding him back. He wasn’t happy being back on high charity again, he rather be leading troops into battle.

Volvo had found Blip Blip after the after math of the T38 incident, both recalling how much of a loss it was in a grand scheme of things. Volvo seemed to be in more of a loss for Tesla then Blip Blip was. Blip Blip preferred Volvo to Tesla because he felt that Volvo treated him and his race better then Tesla did.

Volvo was looking for his new elite major he took a liking to. He was searching high and low for him. He even found Blip Blip to help him.

Volvo heard his name being called. He was delighted to turn around and find the major he was looking for running to catch up.

Volvo slowed to a halt and waited for the young sangheili to join the group.

“Major Beesha I expect my ship is in optimum order?” Volvo questioned his major.

Beesha stopped to catch his breath and regain his footing. He saluted to Volvo and began to tell his tell.

“Sir, word has spread that the arbiter is close to retrieving the sacred icon and starting our journey. But, there are numerous reports of the infection leaving the library and spreading.” Beesha announced.

Volvo huffed. The flood is one thing he hated more then the Jiralhanae, for they had killed his shipmaster and he never would forget it.

Blip Blip was cowering behind Volvo’s leg at this point. He was scared to see the sangheili he looked up to and admired so concerned.

Volvo dismissed Blip Blip and continued to make his way to the council chambers. Beesha grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around. He had an even more sacred look on his face. Beesha leaned closer.

“There have also reports of Jiralhanae systematically killing sangheili for no reason. It is most troubling.” Beesha whispered.

Volvo clenched his fist and teeth. Great more things to worry about he thought.

“I will bring this up in the meeting I am on my way to.” Volvo responded.

Beesha nodded and jogged off to return to Sacred Purity and await further orders.

Volvo walked into the magnificent chamber, paid his respects to his superiors and made his way to his seat. The lights dimmed and two golden sangheili stepped forward. One raised his hand for silence. The room fell silent immediately.

One of the councilors stepped forward with a holo pad in his hand. He activated it and addressed his fellow councilors.

“My brother’s great news has reached our ears; the arbiter is very close to retrieving the sacred icon!” The councilors proclaimed.

An uproar rose from the occupants of the council chambers. Volvo even found himself cheering.

The room fell to silence again and the councilor cleared his throat.

“We want all shipmaster’s to leave behind a portion of their troops due to the startling advances of the parasite and humans. Then take your ships in orbit around the ring and high charity. Meeting adjourned.”

Volvo activated his comm. Link.

“Beesha I want you to bring down a handful of the Yanme’e and two pairs of rangers. You will report to the council and follow their orders.” Volvo transmitted.

Static then a response.

“Yes shipmaster it will be done” Beesha responded through the static.

Volvo cut off the transmission and hopped on a phantom heading towards his ship.

A while later Volvo was onboard the bridge and Sacred Purity was with a whole line of sangheili ships. The fleet was of massive size and had the most legendary carriers of the entire covenant, including his.

The monitor flickered and a picture of a Jiralhanae stalker appeared on screen.

Volvo leaned forward and pushed a button to speak with the crerature.
“What do you want? We have orders not to be moved or receive outside transmission,” Volvo barked.

The Jiralhanae growled in disgust at Volvo.

“I would not be contacting your pathetic fleet if it wasn’t important. Scanners are picking up the infection heading your way.”

Volvo turned of the monitor and turned his attention to the bridge view port. A fleet of scavenged flood ships was heading his way and closing fast.

Volvo opened a broadcast to the entire fleet.

“All shipmasters flood ships coming our way.” He cut the transmission. “warriors prepare to fire on my command!”
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Volvo's Service Fall of the elites. Empty Re: Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

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Chapter 1

Malak opened fire on the pursuing flood horde cutting down two combat forms outright. He reloaded his carbine whirring around in unison smacking a combat form square in the face. The beast let out a roar as Malak slammed the barrel in its stomach and pulled the trigger several times. Once satisfied with the floods death he wrenched it out of the once human heap.

Malak joined up with his fellow warriors and the arbiter for orders from R’tas.

R’tas stepped forward clenching his fist as the arbiter addressed him.

“The sacred icon I must find It.” the arbiter addressed R’tas.

R’tas nodded.

“We shall cut into the heart of this infestation, retrieve the icon and burn any flood in our way!” R’tas said rallying his troops.

All of the sangheili roared in approval and made for the vehicles.

Malak missed R’tas’ last words for he was already on the passenger side of a near bye spectre. Malak watched in glee as the arbiter choose to pilot the spectre, He realized he would be accompanying the arbiter to the index!

His joy turned to fear as a forerunner enforcer bore down on the ghost next to him shooting its red needles. He watched in horror as the machine lifted the ghost between its “legs” and crushed it with no remorse.

The enforcer turned his attention to the spectre and launched some what Malak guessed was missiles their way. The spectre shook from the impact and strafed to the left as the gunner opened up on the hulking behemoth.

The enforcer died with a satisfying crunch, and plummeted to the ground.

Malak’s shoot connected to a near bye sentinel causing it to drop its shields long enough for the gunner to take it out. Another forerunner warrior fell to his unstoppable onslaught. The spectre moved on to a new battle field. A battle raging between flood and sentinel forces.

“Fire the plasma torpedoes!” Volvo roared at his weapons operators. He slammed his fist on his grava chair while doing so.

Sacred Purity didn’t even rock as the plasma torpedoes were released form her hull. They connected with most of the rouge flood ships, while the others were being mopped up by the efforts of the other Shipmasters.

Volvo laughed at the flood efforts, the parasite was even working together. Instead just using the most pathetic formations and attempts to board he’s ever seen. Surely the fleet could defend their city from these attackers.

Volvo heard faint whispering, his vision fading to green. The world slowing down around him as a sickly voice entered his head.

One should not ask for a challenge they cannot beat. You have awakened the sleeping giant; you have entered the lions den. The unworthy will see and the unworthy will ultimately serve my cause.

As quickly as the voice came it went and Volvo rejoined reality. He rubbed his head trying to figure out what just happened. The blare of the warning siren made Volvo jump.

He ran forward to the readout trying to figure out what was happening.

“Shipmaster!” one of the sangheili yelled out. Volvo turned towards his direction and dashed over to his terminal.

“Report,” Volvo barked. The sangheili pushed a couple of buttons and pointed at the monitor of his terminal.

“As you can see the flood ships have joined together into larger battle groups. They seem to be focusing on one ship attacking one side away from friendly weapons range. We can’t open fire with out hitting the ship in question.”

Volvo’s eyes jumped across the screen trying to figure out what to do. He steeped back to the bridge view port watching the carnage unfold. The flood had repurposed its ships to focus on one ship and assault it from one side friendly ships couldn’t lend fire support.

Volvo slammed his fist into the wall as he watched a fleet of flood ships head his way.

Malak and the arbiter abandoned the spectre at the path they came from. The other sangheili was killed by a lucky shot from a flood sniper. Malak hurled himself against a charred wall. The arbiter activated his active camo and preceded forward, Malak did the same.

Malak and the arbiter turned the corner to come face to face with 3 combat forms.

The arbiter immediately back peddled firing his carbine, taking down one of the combat forms.
Malak leveled his carbine and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. Malak looked at the carbines ammo indicator, it was out of ammo.
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Volvo's Service Fall of the elites. Empty Re: Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

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Chapter 2
Faithful service

“Secure the hanger, that’s where their going to try to board” Volvo hissed. His sangheili ran off carrying weapons and ammo as fast as they could.

A good portion of the battle fleet had been destroyed by the floods new tactics. All of the ships pulled back except for Sacred Purity. Volvo had to destroy the infection on his ship before he could even think of returning to high charity. Luckily all of his warriors were itching for a fight with the parasite.

Volvo was escorted down to the hanger defense by a hunter pair, he usually didn’t like to be guarded with such force but it would just help things speed along.

“Shipmaster we have secured the hanger and locked down all doors leading out of it. It’s a one way battle,” Tanra Thuramee reported.

“No matter Tanra, take your carbine and cover the hanger from the second floor.” Volvo ordered.

“Yes shipmaster.” Tanra said as he went about finding his carbine. Tanra grabbed his carbine; he knew it was his because of the few altercations made to it. Tanra slung the carbine over his back looking at his beam rifle. Volvo wouldn’t mind if I use my beam rifle instead, it is better for sniping Tanra thought. Tanra grabbed the beam rifle, checked the charge and ran fast as he could to his post.

Volvo took up position in front of the blockade activating his double energy swords along side him was his unggoy spec ops leader Blip Blip along with his brother Yip Yip. Most of the flood ships were cut down by the ships sophisticated targeting system, leaving only a handful of flood drop ships left.

Volvo raised his hand signifying for his troops to get ready to open fire on his command.

The flood ships slowly began to dock taking their time before their imminent destruction no doubt Volvo thought. The ships all came to a halt leveling themselves in the hanger, the ship doors slowly being opened releasing flood spores.

Volvo waited for the prime opportunity before opening fire. His comm link opened up, it was Tanra.

“Leader I have a clear shot, Should I take it?”

Volvo didn’t answer; his comm link was on the arm he raised. He tried to signal to Tanra to not open fire until his orders, but Tanra couldn’t see him. Volvo watched as Tanra took the shot startling the troops causing them to fire as well.
Over the battle cries, explosions, small and heavy arms fire, and flood screeching Volvo activated his comm

“Tanra you fool! I said wait for my command!”

There was some static along with bean rifle fire in the back ground. Tanra finally opened comm

“I’m sorry leader but it was the perfect shot, you know me I just had to take it,”

Volvo made a 180 degree swipe with his sword cutting a combat form in two.

“That doest give you the right to take the shot anyway! Learn to control your self…..” Volvo took a long pause looking at the beam rifle trails coming from the deck above. “Do me a favor and tell the moron with the beam rifle to switch to a more suited weapon for the battle, tell him to find a carbine.” Volvo cut the transmission.

Tanra put the beam rifle aside and opened fire with his carbine dropping 3 combat forms out right. The sangheili minor beside him yelled some thing to Tanra, but Tanra couldn’t hear him. Tanra looked up in horror to see a wave of combat forms leaping up to his level.

Malak flipped the carbine side ways so it was between him and the parasite. The combat form flung him down with no effort at all, putting all his weight on the attack. Malak took out his plasma pistol firing sporadically hitting the combat form all over. The beats reared back in pain but not from Malak’s plasma pistol. The parasite dropped down in agony from the arbiter’s carbine fire saving Malak’s life for the first time.

Malak lifted him self up grabbing discarded plasma rifle in exchange for his pistol. He looked at the arbiter in gratitude.

“Thanks for the save,” Malak called out to the arbiter.

The arbiter stopped and let out a huff. “It won’t be the first time,” The arbiter responded with little remorse.

Malak shrugged it off and followed the arbiter to a heated sentinel flood battle. The forerunners were in such confusion, falling left and right. It gave Malak and the arbiter time to sneak by the flood. Malak spotted a group of combat forms guarding a hallway full of human supply boxes. The arbiter took point, drawing the floods attention from Malak who would sneak around the flood and fire from behind.

Malak was aimed at the combat form with a shotgun ready to fire.

“Get out of the way!” Tanra yelled pushing one of the sangheili back. The combat form slammed into the deck, swiping Tanra to the side. Tanra landed against the floor with a thud, his shields flickering. Tanra leveled his carbine firing a round where the skull used to be. The flood beast dropped to the ground, no longer a threat.

“Tanra, why did you stop firing?” Volvo’s voice roared over the comm.

Tanra looked at the hanger from above. Most of the infection was clear, only a few remained clawing at the doors trying to escape their death.

Tanra meet up with Volvo and YipYip both a little shaken from the battle. Tanra couldn’t find Blip Blip.

“Leader what happened to the other grunt leader, Blip Blip?”

Volvo turned to face Tanra glaring at him. Volvo picked something up from the ground. He shoved it to Tanra.

“This,” He growled. “Is all that’s left, because some one decided to use a beam rifle and not what I told him to use!” Volvo yelled at Tanra. “Get out of my sight,”

Tanra looked down at what Volvo handed to him. It was the charred remains of Blip Blip’s methane mask.

Malak roared in agony as one of the flood infection forms leapt onto his exposed arm eating away at his skin, burrowing inside of him. Malak fired his plasma rifle out of instinct cutting down the two combat forms rushing towards him. Malak slammed his right arm into the wall attempting to kill the parasite eating away at him.

Malak roared in defeat as he slumped to the ground, wishing this never happened. He just wanted to make all this go away, return to his home world and put his demons to rest.
Malak couldn’t keep his eyes from staring down at his wounds; the infection was slowly making its way up them. He held back a scream of pain, cringing at his efforts. The arbiter looked at him trying to think of a way to save him. Malak staggered forward supporting himself with the empty carbine.
"Go on," Malak said threw clenched teeth. "The great journey waits for no one, not even you."
The arbiter nodded his head while throwing Malak one round of carbine ammo.
Malak barley caught the rounds, dropping to his knees trying to load them. He looked up to the arbiter then down at his rifle. He brought the gun up under his mouth, his sweaty fingers almost slipping on the trigger. Malak felt sick to his stomach, He could feel the infection working his body functions over, persuading them to leave his control.
Malak let out his last mighty roar as his world was taken from him. The great paradise welcomed him with open arms, getting rid of all his fears while fulfilling his deepest hopes and dreams.
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Volvo's Service Fall of the elites. Empty Re: Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

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Chapter 3
Reclamation at a price

The council chamber was up in flames. No one could agree on what to do next, the councilors were fighting to restore orders. One of the head councilors let out a blood curdling roar, followed by the immediate silence of the chambers. The councilor cleared his throat.

“All Shipmasters step forward, your new task is at hand!”

Volvo along with 15 other Shipmasters stepped forward kneeling down at the podium, waiting for their orders. The councilor stood facing the whole chamber.

"My brothers the end is at hand! The attack on the library is going successfully, but they need help. You will journey down to the surface of the ring; bring with you what you need. I warn you failure will not be accepted; don’t come back if you cant retrieve the sacred icon." The high councilor warned the Shipmaster's brave enough to journey into the heart of the library.
Volvo nodded, leaving the council chambers with the words don’t come back ringing in his head. The rest of the Shipmaster's would bring the heavy troops and vehicles. Volvo would bring a squad of grunts and vehicles to aid the battle. Yip Yip had proved his worth while defending the hanger from the flood; he would be coming down as well. Volvo also decided to bring Tanra as much as Volvo didn’t want to; Tanra was the only Sangheili he felt needed the combat experience. Finally the new grunt deacon Yae Yae would help Volvo rally the troops if morale would drop. Neco, Volvo’s personnel pilot would take them down providing air support for the final attack.
Volvo and his troops boarded the phantom. Neco voice rang out,
“Good to see you Volvo; where to this time?”
Volvo checked the safety on every ones weapons, making sure there would be no surprises this time. He came to Tanra, looking him over. He took his beam rifle placing it on a weapons rack. Volvo took a spare sword out looking the handle over. He handed it to Tanra.
“Neco take us to the library; alert me when you find a good place to drop us off.” Volvo looked back at Tanra. “You know how to use on of those?”
Tanra looked at Volvo startled that he gave him such a honored weapon. Tanra twirled it in his fingers.
“I’ve seen it used in battle; I could easily figure it out. Who’s was this anyway?”
Volvo reached down and took out his sword. He gripped it in anger, slowly releasing his grip on the blade.
“This was the sword of a Shipmaster named Tesla Runadee. The one you are holding was my old one. After the destruction of the planet Dynasty we had no hope of his survival. His sword was all we found.”
Tanra had heard of Tesla; he was Volvos old Shipmaster. Tanra stood up,
“I am sorry Volvo; He must have been a great leader. But you must command better then him, you were his former friend.”
Volvo arched his back up grabbing Tanra by his shoulder piece.
“He was twice the leader ill ever be! Don’t you forget that!” Volvo hissed at Tanra.
Tanra stepped back; sorry he ever brought up the whole thing. The phantom came to an abrupt halt causing Tanra to stumble forward, nearly crushing one of the grunt spec ops leader Yip Yip. The phantom side doors screeched open, blinding the occupants with rays of light. Neco’s voice came over the comm.
“Good luck brothers! Volvo lead the elite with you to the right path, grunts take the left path in order to meet up with the grunt convoy. No signs of the flood!” Neco yelled over the phantoms engines.
Volvo nodded, pushing Tanra out and waiting for the grunts to hit the ground first. When the last grunt hit the ground running Volvo leapt out of the phantom. He hit the ground hard, his shields flared in a fury of light. He dashed over to the 10 grunts waiting for him. Volvo headed them off in the right direction. Volvo jogged over to Tanra who looked dazed from the sound of combat all around.
“Follow me to our next objective!” Volvo yelled over the sound of plasma mortars.
Tanra ran as fast as he could, trying to keep up with his leader. Tanra caught up to Volvo,
“What’s our first objective?” Tanra asked. The two came upon a battle field like no other. Flood vehicles were in heavy combat with the forerunner titans known as enforcers. The smaller sentinels were able to dodge incoming mortars, but just to get cut down by flood controlled ghosts and hogs. Tanra couldn’t believe the chaos that was unfolding in front of his eyes. Parts of the land were scorched black, the terrain scarred from the heated plasma. Volvo scanned the conflict with his eyes stopping on a pair of wraiths.
“Our first objective is to take those wraiths, Punch threw enemy armor.” Volvo barked while pointing at the wraiths of choice. They both activated their camo, setting about to do their work.
Yip Yip was following the deacon Yae Yae. The other unggoy were close behind, most of them scared of being lead with out the sangheili. A phantom came to a slow flight over their position. Neco’s voice emanated from Yae Yae’s comm.
“Keep heading that way the convoy is just up ahead. Be on the look out for some hostile movement in that direction also.”
Yae Yae signaled for all the grunts to head towards the convoy. Yae Yae took Yip Yip up to another path. It leads to a small hill looking over the rally point. Yae Yae turned to Yip Yip, but did not break stride.
“I wonder what the great journey has planned for our mission. If the enemy the sangheili pilot detected is flood, the other unggoy won’t make it back.”
Yip Yip made a muzzled snuffle. He hated flood, it killed his brother Blip Blip. The beast carried a plasma grenade shoving it onto Blip Blip killing the unlucky unggoy and him.
“I hope its not. I hate flood, almost as much as I hate humans.” Yip Yip responded.
Yae Yae nodded his head still walking towards the objective. They both stopped when they heard plasma fire from behind them. Yip Yip waddled towards the sounds activating his camo. He came into the middle of a struggle between UNSC marines and his fellow unggoy. Yip Yip activated a plasma grenade, hurling it at the closest enemy sticking him. The marine was engulfed in a bright light. Yip Yip took out his plasma rifle shooting the human with the big black tube. The human screamed in agony falling back, launching a bright light into the sky. The light started to fall plummeting towards to three grunts huddled together. The orb impacted the ground exploding, causing Yip Yip to go blind for a sec. When he recovered the unggoy were violently wiped on the ground, blood oozing from their small bodies. Yip Yip felt a sharp piercing pain in his upper torso throwing him back with the force of the impact. Yip Yip couldn’t move from the sheer pain of his wounds. He felt himself being dragged away from the battle. Yae Yae stepped into his field of vision; he looked at Yip Yip with worried eyes.
“Don’t worry friend, ill help the others. You stay here and rest, and later we can have food nipple!”
Yae Yae upholstered his needler. He aimed at the last three humans who were pinning down the last group of grunts. Yae Yae unleashed a torrent of needles at the humans, all of them impacted into two of the three. One human was killed instantly by the needle explosion; the other limped away while the last human ran off into the hills. Neco’s phantom came down killing the last human with a volley of plasma bolts.
“Come grunts, Ill take you the rest of they way,” Neco told the surviving unggoy. Yae Yae hefted Yip Yip into the phantom where a medical team patched up his wounds. Yip Yip was grateful for being saved by his new friend.
“Incoming mortar!” Neco screamed over the comm. The phantom shook violently swerving to avoid the projectile. The mortar struck the phantom on its tail fin causing it to ark downwards.
“Brace for impact!” Neco yelled.
Yip Yip closed his eyes, ready for the impending darkness to take him. He was thrown sideways then forward violently. Yip Yip impacted against the wall, causing him to leave reality and enter a dreamy state.
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Volvo's Service Fall of the elites. Empty Re: Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

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Chapter 4
Different views

Ethan ran, he ran from the chaos, the death, and the battle. He just witnessed a grunt killing the rest of his squad to save one of its kind. He had never seen a grunt fight so hard before……

Ethan inhaled the sickly air coughing it back up unwilling to take it in. The ground was littered with mud, muck and the dead from all sides of the conflict. Ethan could just hear the command post the UNSC was operating from, the radio chatter could be heard for miles.

Ethan burst through the fog, nearly coughing up a lung. Several marines went to aid him, the commanding officer being one of them. He grasped Ethan’s hand.

“What happened out there soldier? Any news on the covenants plans?”

Ethan pushed the marines aside checking the clip on his battle rifle. Almost half empty. He gave it a firm tug and placed in a new round.

“Well they’ve been very busy. They some how managed to deactivate the barrier around the library, and brought in heavy armor to back them up. My squad ran into heavy resistance, all of them killed by a large group of grunts……” Ethan’s attention was drawn to the covenant drop ship plummeting into the ground a few kilometers from their current position.

He leveled his battle rifle at the phantom following it down. “Sir I’m gonna need some back up.” The commander nodded his head. “Listen up! You four will accompany Ethan to the crash site. Kill what ever survives.” The officer yelled pointing at four marines.

The new squad formed up Ethan ready to give the orders and his squad ready to follow.

“All right my name is Ethan; I am your new squad leader. We are squad omega, and our first mission is to secure the covenant crash site.”

“Yes sir!” All the marines shouted at once. Ethan read each marines dog tag. His new squad mates were Tyler who carried a sniper. Anthony a heavy weapons expert. Julie a regular foot soldier and Kevin also foot soldier.

Ethan waved his arm, signaling the squad to move out.


Neco crawled out of the phantoms pilot seat. He felt his hand run warm with his own blood. His mandibles clenched with anger, he was dishonored twice in one day. He crashed the air craft he was in charge of and was severely wounded in the crash. His muscles nearly burst through the gaps in his dark blue armor.

Yip Yip was able manage his way out even with his wounds. Yae Yae and he were the only surviving unggoy on the trip. Neco was on a knee his fist at the peak of his head, praying or something Yip Yip thought.

“We go now sangheili?” Yip yip asked tugging on Neco’s shoulder. The mighty warrior stood at his full height inhaling the air. “No unggoy, you must carry on. I must regain my honor, which, can only be done by death in combat.”

Yip Yip turned to Yae Yae.

“But who will protect us from big scary things?” Yip Yip moaned.

Neco took Yip Yip’s plasma rifle just as the first human bullets whizzed by their heads, impacting the bulbous flood mounds behind them. Neco shoved the unggoy out of harms way, waiting for them to flee before returning fire. He heard one of the humans yell taunts, mocking his race. Neco clenched his fist, his veins nearly bursting from his knuckles. He would kill them, and then take the fight to their command post; killing was what would restore his honor again.


The elite was very stubborn. Ethan could tell Kevin was getting annoyed with the creatures will to survive. Taunt after taunt rained down on the creature, hell it wasn’t even firing back at them. Ethan raised his fist, the squad halted their fire.

He signaled for Julie and Kevin to move in closer. Tyler scoped out the mound of what he guessed was goop; waiting for the elite to revile his head.

Ethan moved in behind Julie trying not to be distracted by her beauty. She was one of the only women in the UNSC who didn’t have their hair cut to near baldness. Her brown hair rested perfectly on her soldiers.

The crack of Kevin’s battle rifle made him jump, the elite sprinted faster then he ever saw slamming into Kevin. Ethan back peddled Julie right in front of him, down low so Ethan could fire without worrying about hitting her. Julie stopped on one knee, she couldn’t hid the panic stricken look on her face. The elite was smiling, growling in glee because in the creatures alien palm was Kevin’s neck. Ethan and Julie lowered their battle rifles, both unsure of what to do next. The elite stepped forward dragging Kevin squeezing on his neck harder if Kevin struggled.

Neco had the human by its neck, he laughed as the human attempted to break free of his pincer like grip. “The ground will run red with the human’s blood! My honor will be restored.”

The human female raised her battle rifle firing three rounds at him. Neco spun his captive in the path of the bullets; he enjoyed the humans screaming as the bullets impacted its chest. Neco realized they would kill him no matter what now, even holding one of their own. With all the force he could muster he severed the human’s spinal cord.


High Charity Patrol unit 21

Beesha couldn’t believe this. The hierarchs demanded all major domo armor from every elite on high charity. It was a grave dishonor to have your armor color demoted back to blue. He managed to get his hands on a new dark blue set.

Beesha stared into the armors reflection, the face of a warrior did not look back at him. He was looking at the face of the damned.


“No!” Ethan screamed in horror as the elite snapped Kevin’s neck.

The beast reared back roaring out something in its native tongue. Ethan’s rounds home into the elite’s chest. Purple blood gushed out from the screaming elite who dropped to its knees. Ethan and Julie circled around to the elite’s sides, aiming fir the final shot at its head. Ethan marveled at how well belt these elites really were. Ethan walked closer to the elite, the alien was breathing heavily, more than likely on its last breath. Ethan had gotten to close and paid the price with a blow to the gut from the beast. Ethan stumbled back, spitting back. Julie ran at the creature with a knife, bringing her arm down perfectly straight just scaring the elites armor. Ethan ran forward smacking the elite in the face with the barrel of his gun. The elite stepped back taking the full force of the blow, laughing at the attempt. Julie went for another strike with her knife this time finding home in the elites neck. By the time Ethan blinked the elite had the knife out of its neck and in Julie’s right arm. She winced from the pain falling on her back, reaching her hand out towards Ethan. Ethan threw the battle rifle aside and leapt on the creatures back.

Neco had killed one human, and now he had one human injured and another on his back. He threw himself around in awkward positions trying to shake the human off. He ran forward maneuvering around a mound of bodies collected by flood. He looked up to meet the gaze of a human’s sniper rifle barrel. Neco closed his eyes as his body went limp and the world around him went white hot.

Tyler’s bullet struck the elites head dead center. Ethan fell off know mangled corpse scrambling back to Julie screaming for a medic.


Thel was falling, dying. His species was as good as dead for the Jiralhanae were going to kill them all. Betrayed by the very hierarchs that gave him a second chance! His vision was impaired, blurry from the shock of the hammers impact. It all disappeared as he neared the bottom of the fall.
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Location : Super Jail!!O@!(@!
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Volvo's Service Fall of the elites. Empty Re: Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

Post by Yam Head on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:37 pm

RAWR some of it got smushed >Sad
Yam Head
Yam Head

Male Number of posts : 730
Age : 27
Location : Super Jail!!O@!(@!
Registration date : 2009-02-10

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Volvo's Service Fall of the elites. Empty Re: Volvo's Service Fall of the elites.

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