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Post by Archangel on Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:16 pm

By Command of the Lord of the Flames, Lord Pheonix,

"I want you to make a thread decreeing that whoever makes the best archive/story of the Crimson Flame from beginning to present will hereby be given the rank of Crimson Archiver or something of that manner"

Ascension from the lowly rank of "Minion" shall be yours in payment for the completetion of this task.

Seniors are available for reference on events; such as former SoF members and HWF members pre-E3 '07.
Events to be included are: the first noob war, the battle of E3, the second noob war, the great upheaval, the formation of SoF, the war for control of SoF, the Beta attack on HWF, The Rapture.

If possible, please submit entries to Pheonix before the 26th, finished or unfinished work shall both be considered.

Proclamation 23402-CF Archangel2
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